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Cargill points to animal nutrition for Q2 boost

Animal nutrition, protein and feed crop sales helped improve second quarter returns for Cargill.

Outlook 2017

60 second interview: 'Consolidation trend a real opportunity for both the industry and Cargill'

The integration of EWOS, antimicrobial resistance, and talent development: Cargill feed executive looks back and forward

Cargill to build $19m feed facility in Michigan

Cargill is starting work on a $19m dairy feed manufacturing facility in Owosso, Michigan.

Pledge seen as ‘breakthrough’ for seafood industry sustainability

Eight CEOs of the leading seafood companies globally, in both wild capture and aquaculture, along with fish feed players have signed a major ocean sustainability pledge.

60 second interview: Using tech in feed formulation, mill management

In a new series on feed careers, we caught up with Bruce Feist, managing director of Format Solutions regarding his current role, how he how he arrived at where he...

News in brief

Former Cargill employee pleads guilty to stealing over $3m from company

A former employee stole at least $3.1m and caused about $25m in damages for the agro-giant Cargill. 

Gas to feed protein: Cargill and Calysta reveal US plant location

Cargill’s corn oil production site in Memphis, Tennessee will be the location of the first commercial scale facility for manufacture of Calysta’s gas to feed protein, FeedKind.

Special Edition: Existing and Emerging feed risks

Cargill launches feed focused mycotoxin prevention program

Cargill is offering a mycotoxin prevention program to help producers understand and manage risk from the feed contaminants.

Cargill working on plant-based omega-3 for aquaculture sector

Cargill says it is developing omega-3 fatty acids from canola plants to realize a sustainable form of DHA and EPA and reduce reliance on fishmeal and fish oil. 

Recovery in Chilean salmon sector could see feed investments, lower antibiotic levels

Rabobank predicts that Chilean salmon volumes will surprise positively in 2018, and feed inputs will play a part in this trajectory.

Cargill, Nutreco confirm competition probe in Chilean fish feed sector

Chilean competition agency, Fiscalía Nacional Económica (FNE), is reportedly investigating the activities of fish feed companies operating in the country.

Syngenta looks to appeal class action order in GM corn lawsuit

Syngenta AG is asking for the chance to appeal certification of class action lawsuits in the ongoing case over the release of its Vipterra GM corn. 

Cargill invests $10.5m in Chilean fish research facility

Disease prevention and improved functional diets are among the focuses for a new Cargill fish research center in Chile.

EFSA weighs in on safety of beta agonist for cattle

EFSA found the available literature investigating the effects of the feed additive, zilpaterol, on animal health and welfare is limited but indicates a potential increase in mortality, heart rate, respiration...

Animal nutrition contributes to strong Q1 results for Cargill

Net income for the US giant increased 66% to $852m in the first quarter ended 31 August from $512m some 12 months earlier.  

Skretting gets behind algal oil breakthrough from Evonik and DSM

Skretting, Nutreco’s fish feed division, says a breakthrough in R&D development by Evonik and DSM means it can provide feed formulations containing EPA and DHA from algal oil as and...

News in brief

Spain: Cargill using KSE technology in plant upgrade

Cargill Animal Nutrition (CAN) says it is collaborating with process technology supplier, KSE, in the expansion of its animal nutrition production facility in Mequinenza, Spain. 

New Cargill dairy feed plant in India

Cargill has inaugurated a $10m dairy feed plant in the Punjab in India that aims to produce 10,000 metric tons of feed per month and feed 75,000 cows per day.

US corn producers granted class action status in Syngenta lawsuit

US corn producers have been granted class status in an ongoing lawsuit against Syngenta for the sale of biotech corn, which is said to make it must easier and less...

Is tilapia Brazil’s secret weapon in aquaculture growth strategy?

Tilapia is now the largest aquaculture industry in Brazil and one with a particularly bright future, says Rabobank.

Cargill: Consumers in US, Brazil want to see antibiotics out of cattle feed

Cargill’s ‘Feed for Thought’ survey highlights that many consumers want to see antibiotics left out of cattle feed and production. 

ADM, Bungee, Cargill, Louis Dreyfus, Syngenta see some claims end in ongoing lawsuit

A series of state-law claims brought against Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM), Bunge North America, Cargill Incorporated, Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) and Gavilon Grain have been dismissed.

Cargill sees earnings, revenues drop on grain prices, trade

Cargill reported year-end losses based in part on poor grain markets during the release of its fourth-quarter and full-year financials.

Cargill and Bunge propose deal for European oilseed facilities

Cargill is set to sell two Europe-based oilseed processing plants and businesses to Bunge, as the company reassesses its EMEA strategy.

Special Edition: Gut Health

Cargill aiming to model the effect of antibiotics

What is the current strategy of Cargill Animal Nutrition (CAN) in terms of boosting animal immune development, disease resistance and performance?