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Dutch feed group to lend expertise to African, Asian and Latin American farmers

ForFarmers has announced it is to collaborate with Agriterra to help professionalize farmers' organizations and cooperatives in emerging markets. 

Dutch feed group releases trading update

Concerns about Brexit bearing down on UK agri business: ForFarmers

ForFarmers says the market circumstances in the UK remain challenging in the short term. 

ForFarmers 2016 results: Revenue down, volumes up

ForFarmers said its net revenue for 2016 declined by 6% to €2.1bn last year, with it citing lower raw material prices and the impact of a weaker pound sterling. 

Agri-trade alliance prepares for Brexit battle

A newly formed alliance of eight agri-trade groups in the UK sees strength in numbers as the exit from the EU looms.

Feed safety: Is a collective approach at national level key to risk reduction?

A communication drive and expansion of geographical reach are on the agenda for a Dutch feed safety collective in 2017.

Revenue down for ForFarmers in Q3

ForFarmers reported a revenue dip in its third quarter 2016 citing reasons such as lower raw material prices and the translation of the devalued sterling to euros. 

Dispatches from EuroTier 2016

ForFarmers: 'High level of correlation between market share and profitability'

ForFarmers reported the pressure on the Dutch dairy sector to meet phosphate emission levels could see a significant reduction in herd sizes next year, but such a development is expected...

Concerns over EFSA recommendation on copper levels in feed

The European Commission has told an EU committee that EFSA’s opinion recommending a reduction in the currently authorized maximum copper content levels in complete feed has generated a lot of...


Insects, algae, yeasts: Forum set to assess the pluses and minuses of new proteins

What are the pros and cons of feed protein derived from insects, from yeast, from duckweed or from seaweed and microalgae sources for poultry, pigs or farmed fish?

Fermented feed: will pig producers buy into it?

Fermented feed is becoming increasingly attractive, with some pig producers seeing a return in investment in as little as a year, thanks to refinements and improvements to ForFarmers’ fermented feed...

Rebound in dairy prices, reports Dutch feed giant

The first signs of recovery are visible in the European dairy sector, says ForFarmers. 

EFSA opinion on copper usage in piglet feed rankles

EFSA's advice to minimize copper inclusions in piglet feed does not recognize the growth benefits of higher dosage levels, claims expert.

Deal will bolster our sow feed production expertise: ForFarmers

ForFarmers says its latest acquisition shows it expects recovery in the Dutch pig sector.

Special Edition: Feed Industry Consolidation Review

What will be the model of EU compound feed manufacturing in five years’ time?

Increased M&A activity in the EU compound feed production space is expected to accelerate ongoing concentration in the sector.

ForFarmers, Cargill, AIC react

BREXIT: Leave vote poses huge questions for Britain’s agricultural supply industry, says UK feed lobby

The result of the Brexit referendum was announced this morning with a vote in favor of the UK leaving the EU, and the British prime minster, David Cameron, subsequently announcing...

ForFarmers explores potential for mycotoxin, heavy metal accumulation in insect meal

Dutch compound feed and premix manufacturer, ForFarmers, is continuing its extensive research into the use of insect protein in feed, this time looking at the safety aspects of feedstocks for...

Special Edition: Environmental friendly feed sector initiatives

UK feed mill revamp: ForFarmers banking on 20% energy savings

Dutch feed producer, ForFarmers, was recently granted permission to go ahead with the construction of a planned £10.5m extension to its dairy feed plant in Exeter, UK.

No clear indication when EU farm profitability will improve: ForFarmers (UPDATED)

ForFarmers says its investments, excluding potential acquisitions, should total around €35m in 2016.

2016 feed industry outlook

Like this time last year, we dust down the crystal ball and gaze into it to determine what 2016 holds in terms of the fortunes of the global feed industry. A...

Bells (wedding), bans (Russian), bikes, balls and lots of regulation - it's the readers' year in review

In festive mood, we asked you, the readers, to review the past 12 months from both a business and a personal perspective. 

What state is the feed industry in?

We ran a reader survey earlier this year to find out what the major headaches are for the feed sector - a majority of respondents reported the Russian sanctions as...

News in brief

New piglet feed generated by ForFarmers and Trouw Nutrition tie-up

ForFarmers says it is looking to grab the number one spot as supplier of piglet feed to sow farmers in North West Europe with a new range it has developed...

We talk to CEO Yoram Knoop

ForFarmers aims to grow organically and through further acquisitions

ForFarmers sees plenty of opportunity for greater market share in piglet feed in the UK, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, says the CEO.

ForFarmers financials show mixed start, project positive trend

Dutch feed company ForFarmers reported mixed results for the first half of 2015 with a drop in net revenue, bump in gross profit and with company officials predicting a higher...

Organic gross profit remains stable at ForFarmers despite revenue dip

In its full year results for 2014, ForFarmers posted revenue of €2.3 billion - a 7.3% drop on the previous year’s income but its overall organic gross profit remained stable.

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