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What is the state of the feed industry in 2016?

The FeedNavigator State of the Industry 2016 report indicated the feed sector is struggling to recruit employees with the appropriate skill base.

Outlook 2017

The road ahead: EU protein balance sheet, currency fluctuations, aqua feed M&A

We asked trade groups, a leading manufacturer and a market analyst to forecast how 2017 will play out for the European and international feed sector. 

Pledge seen as ‘breakthrough’ for seafood industry sustainability

Eight CEOs of the leading seafood companies globally, in both wild capture and aquaculture, along with fish feed players have signed a major ocean sustainability pledge.

'No need for alarm over declining omega-3 levels in salmon'

The head of the research center of the global aqua feed leader, Skretting, has weighed in on the debate generated by BBC coverage of a Scottish study showing omega 3...

Dispatches from EuroTier 2016

Sow diets on Trouw Nutrition’s radar

Trouw Nutrition’s LifeStart swine team is increasingly focused on sow nutrition and the role that plays in preparing the piglet for future challenges.

Cargill working on plant-based omega-3 for aquaculture sector

Cargill says it is developing omega-3 fatty acids from canola plants to realize a sustainable form of DHA and EPA and reduce reliance on fishmeal and fish oil. 

Call to regulators to allow prophylactic claims for feed additives

The effect of nutrition on animal health is scientifically evident and communication and progress should not be blocked by regulations, argues a leading light of the feed industry. 

Recovery in Chilean salmon sector could see feed investments, lower antibiotic levels

Rabobank predicts that Chilean salmon volumes will surprise positively in 2018, and feed inputs will play a part in this trajectory.

'There is no market demand for sustainable palm oil use in feed' - Nevedi

Dutch feed makers await briefing on sustainable palm oil sourcing

Feed manufacturers in the Netherlands will have to cover their domestic palm oil footprint individually from next year. 

Cargill, Nutreco confirm competition probe in Chilean fish feed sector

Chilean competition agency, Fiscalía Nacional Económica (FNE), is reportedly investigating the activities of fish feed companies operating in the country.

Skretting gets behind algal oil breakthrough from Evonik and DSM

Skretting, Nutreco’s fish feed division, says a breakthrough in R&D development by Evonik and DSM means it can provide feed formulations containing EPA and DHA from algal oil as and...

Is tilapia Brazil’s secret weapon in aquaculture growth strategy?

Tilapia is now the largest aquaculture industry in Brazil and one with a particularly bright future, says Rabobank.

Special Edition: Feed Industry Consolidation Review

What will be the model of EU compound feed manufacturing in five years’ time?

Increased M&A activity in the EU compound feed production space is expected to accelerate ongoing concentration in the sector.

Special Edition: Feed Industry Consolidation Review

No let up expected in aqua feed M&A activity: PwC

We caught up with Christopher Nolan, managing director, global deals origination at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, who recently spoke at Alltech’s One conference, to hear about his views on amalgamation of the global...

News in brief

Biomar, Skretting and Cargill look to ways to push novel oils into the salmon feed supply chain

The three leading feed companies have joined the global salmon initiative (GSI) as associate members. 

Dutch group releases 2015 financial data

Animal and fish feed business robust but Norwegian salmon feed market still challenging: Nutreco

Nutreco’s salmon feed business performed strongly last year but the Dutch group decried overcapacity in the main Norwegian market as it released its financial results for 2015.

Dairy calves: Nutreco tries to decode higher nutrient intake response

Nutreco's Trouw Nutrition is relying on metabolic profiling and gene expression studies to examine the mode of action of its early calf feeding approach, LifeStart.

Fluctuation in fishmeal prices trigger for innovation: Nutreco

Nutreco says its strategy to reduce or eliminate fishmeal in its fish feed portfolio is generated by the need to deal with spikes in pricing of that raw material and...

Exclusive interview

‘There is a fantastic entrepreneurial spirit in Africa’, says Nutreco as it expands capacity at Nigerian fish feed plant

As Nutreco further develops its catfish feed plant in Ibadan, Nigeria that it runs as a joint venture, we hear about the Dutch group’s strategy for Africa.

Africa: Nutreco aims to boost tilapia production in Zambia with new feed JV

Nutreco and African Century Foods, (ACF), have set up a 75/25 joint venture in Zambia for the manufacture and distribution of extruded tilapia feed.

2016 feed industry outlook

Like this time last year, we dust down the crystal ball and gaze into it to determine what 2016 holds in terms of the fortunes of the global feed industry. A...

Bells (wedding), bans (Russian), bikes, balls and lots of regulation - it's the readers' year in review

In festive mood, we asked you, the readers, to review the past 12 months from both a business and a personal perspective. 

De Heus buys Iberian compound feed producer

Dutch feed manufacturer, De Heus, has acquired Iberian feed producer, Nuter, from a private equity group to ‘consolidate’ its position in Europe.

‘It will bring us leadership in the trace mineral segment’ - Nutreco to acquire Micronutrients

Dutch player, Nutreco, has entered into a deal with The Heritage Group for the hydroxyl-based trace mineral producer, Micronutrients.

Skretting invests as Egyptian aquaculture sector forecast to nearly double by 2020

Nutreco’s aqua feed division, Skretting, is teaming up with local experts to expand tilapia production in Egypt as it also hikes its fish feed capacity in that country.