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US: Tyson feed mill, poultry complex told to find new roost

After facing community pushback, a proposed Tyson Foods feed mill and poultry processing facility in Kansas, US is on hold.

Environmental group draws up feed production roadmap

Cover cropping, protecting soil health and improving waste nutrient management are among suggestions offered in a report that highlights the environmental effect of feed crop production in the US.

Antibiotic free chicken production: Tyson Foods shifts up a gear

Tyson Foods is set to switch its retail line of company-branded chicken products to birds raised without any antibiotics.

Tyson Foods CEO to step down, 2017 forecast not so bright

The announcement of the pending departure of Tyson Foods CEO Donnie Smith coupled with the company's forecast that profits for FY 2017 would be lower that previously stated, sent the...

EFSA weighs in on safety of beta agonist for cattle

EFSA found the available literature investigating the effects of the feed additive, zilpaterol, on animal health and welfare is limited but indicates a potential increase in mortality, heart rate, respiration...

Tyson anticipates massive drop in feed costs

Tyson Foods saw a hike in operating income in second quarter report, and credits some segment gains to lower feed prices. 

What is needed from US producers to address antibiotic resistance

Data collection, new relationships with veterinarians may be needed as US pork producers reduce use of antibiotic and antibiotics in feed.

Cobb-Vantress to move feed production in-house

On the completion of a third US feed mill, Cobb-Vantress will shift to in-house feed production. 

What state is the feed industry in?

We ran a reader survey earlier this year to find out what the major headaches are for the feed sector - a majority of respondents reported the Russian sanctions as...

Despite new research into beta agonists, Zilmax still out of US market

The question of if or when Zilmax will return to the US market remains unanswered despite recently published research into fatigue cattle syndrome and use of beta-agonists showing the cause...

Tyson sees demand for chicken, challenges with beef

Lower feed prices combine with chicken and prepared foods sales boost Tyson Food’s third quarter, despite weaker beef returns.

Adisseo and Novozymes align to ensure more ‘reliability’ in animal probiotic technology

French and Danish feed additive giants, Adisseo and Novozymes, have joined forces to develop and market a probiotic for poultry.

Tyson Foods turns to probiotics and essential oils in move away from dual use antibiotics

Tyson Foods said probiotics are one of the nutritional tools it is using in its shift away from human medicine important antibiotics in its broiler chicken flocks.

‘Chickens treated with antibiotics will be worth less,’ professor says McDonald’s move is game changing for entire animal protein industry

McDonald’s call to its chicken suppliers to phase out the use of antibiotics used in human medicine is potentially game changing for all animal protein sectors in the US, says...

No immediate plans to put Zilmax back on US market: Merck

Zilmax maker Merck says it has not made any decision to resume sales of the cattle additive in the US as a campaign group there condemns the company for “taking...

Cargill has no plans to harvest Zilmax fed cattle, Merck says the drug is ‘safe’

Cargill said it still has no intention of taking cattle fed Zilmax back into its supply chain, despite Merck saying its research has shown the beta-agonist, pulled from the market...

South Korea removes ban on controversial beef feed additive zilpaterol

South Korea, a major importer of beef from the US, Australia and New Zealand, has lifted a ban on the use of animal feed additive, zilpaterol, in beef.

News in brief

Tyson Foods under criminal investigation after feed supplement leak

Poultry producer Tyson Foods is the subject of a criminal investigation by the US Environmental Protection Agency after it was alleged that the discharge of a feed supplement from its...

Tyson 'sorry' for feed additive leak into city sewage system - lawsuit filed against US chicken giant

Tyson Foods said it reviewing its operations to ensure environmental mishaps do not reoccur after improper disposal of a feed additive was said to have caused a major fish kill...

Zilmax field trials underway but Cargill and Tyson still ban product in their supply chains

Merck said field trial evaluations on its feed additive – Zilmax – are underway in US cattle feeding facilities but Tyson Foods and Cargill are retaining their ban on the controversial...

Tyson wins nearly $1 million in cattle feeding lawsuit

Idaho-based Hollifield Ranches must pay Tyson Fresh Meats $958,442 for failing to live up to the terms of its cattle feeding contract. 

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