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FAO managing methane output in Ethiopian dairy sector

The FAO reports on how a feeding strategy it initiated through a research alliance helped to reduce methane and improve dairy cattle productivity in Ethiopia.

New fish feed plant in Kenya: ‘The stage is set for a blue revolution’

Skretting, Nutreco’s fish feed division, is lending its expertise to a new tilapia feed plant in Kenya run by animal and human nutrition product developer, Unga Holdings.

Project aims to find protein feeds ‘fit for the future’

The team behind the Protein Challenge, an initiative aimed at taking the pressure off land and sea for feed, has begun work on the development of a new benchmarking tool. ...

Special edition: Supplements for pets

Some vets not sold on routine supplementation for pets

People love their pets. And they can love them to death, animal nutrition experts say.

Further funding for aquaculture in Scotland as feed innovation projects gather pace

A £1m 30-month pilot program to boost innovation in aquaculture in Scotland is set to go ahead.

Mexican metrics: USDA trains spotlight on risk to corn trade with US

As Mexico becomes a more attractive and sophisticated importer, some other countries that produce yellow corn, such as Brazil and Argentina, have shown interest in exporting to the Central American...

Land O’Lakes: 'Southeast US offers the single biggest growth opportunity'

Land O’Lakes is set to build a new feed manufacturing facility in Roanoke, Virginia with a goal of opening in December 2018.

News in brief

Japan: corn supply crisis eases

Feed manufacturers in Japan, under pressure in recent weeks due to a supply shortage of corn arising from the cold weather in the US, told Reuters the crisis has eased.

America’s not got talent: the feed industry recruitment challenge

The US feed industry is facing a major shortage of qualified technical talent, according to industry recruiter Continental Research.

High feed costs put Australian pig producers under pressure

High feed costs are putting Australian pork producers at a disadvantage, but a bumper harvest could offer some relief in 2017.

Chile looks set to open its market to EU beef exports

The EU veal sector, in particular, could benefit if Chile opens up its market to EU beef, says the Commission.

Special Edition: Organic Feed

Capital released for US farmers transitioning to organic

Starting at the end of March, US feed crop producers working toward organic certification will be able to gain funding support for some fees involved in the certification process.

USDA sees a return to 'normal' levels

Fishmeal production expected to jump in Peru

Fishmeal production along with corn and soybean meal imports are on the upturn in Peru based on feed demand, says USDA.

Demand for US corn and wheat to dampen, but soybeans hold strong: USDA

Global demand may support an expansion of US soybean exports, while other feed grains look for a rebalancing year, says analyst.

FEFAC downbeat about prospects for EU compound feed production in 2017

There was a decrease in EU compound feed production in 2016 – it was down 1% on 2015, according to data released by FEFAC this week. 

Special Edition: Organic Feed

US: Organic premix and feed facility opens in Iowa

Catalyst's new organic, premix manufacturing facility in Iowa is all about meeting market demand, says company executive. 

News in brief

Lallemand acquires Nebraska-based feed additive company

The yeast producer said the purchase of Nova Microbial Technologies is part of its effort to offer more microbial products and focus on services related to improving animal performance and well-being....

Special Edition: Asia Pacific Feed Developments

Indian shrimp production to benefit from rebalancing of global seafood supply and demand: Rabobank

India’s shrimp exports could benefit as China’s dominance as a seafood exporter is set to gradually diminish, says Rabobank. 

News in brief

'International markets are key for continued development and success of the US feed industry'

Wilbur Ross, the new US commerce secretary, has been welcomed by the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA).

Special Edition: Organic Feed

US organic feed grains have room to grow

Despite continuing interest in organic feed production, organic crops production is not keeping pace, says analyst.

News in brief

Locusts destroy feed crops in Bolivia

A plague of locusts has descended upon the feed crop producing region of Bolivia, says the USDA.

Australia: Grain handler expects massive profit hike on bumper harvest

Australian grain handler, GrainCorp, expects a profit surge arising out of the expected record crop harvest.

Special edition: Asia Pacific Feed Developments

Asia Pacific: FAO championing use of locally available feed resources

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is carrying out development work in relation to livestock feed in the Asia Pacific region.

US feed companies urged to sign up to gain access to Chinese market

Chinese market opportunities await US feed additive and premix producers as market regulation protocols progress.

Antibiotic free chicken production: Tyson Foods shifts up a gear

Tyson Foods is set to switch its retail line of company-branded chicken products to birds raised without any antibiotics.

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