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Larger pellet size may reduce pest infestation for DDGS-inclusive feeds

Storing dryer, pelletized feeds when using DDGS may reduce potential for insect infestation in animal feed, says researcher.

US-based fats and proteins foundation offers $250,000 in research funding

A feed ingredient research project is among seven proposals funded by the Fats and Proteins Research Foundation.

Special Edition: Feed Processing Technology

Blasts from the past: Ongoing and upcoming feed tech innovation and development

We dip into the archives to get a handle on feed technology trends over the past few years.

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Kent capital investments focus on improved technology

Efficiency, safety and product consistency are among the focuses for a series of ongoing capital investments for Kent Nutrition Group, says VP.

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Will blue protein plug the gap in organic pig and poultry production?

Organic pig and poultry producers in Europe face a lack of organic protein sources. Mussels and starfish may fit well as future feedstuffs for that segment but there are challenges...

New feed assessment tool focused on NSPs

Canadian Bio-Systems’ feed analysis tool is said to help producers determine the presence of non-starch polysaccharides in monogastric feed.

'It’s the proximity to the feed source that makes it more economical and environmentally friendly to raise shrimp in this manner'

The trū Shrimp Company is establishing a new hatchery, production center and training facility for the shrimp-based aquaculture industry in Minnesota in the US.

Novel method offers way to extract, analyze organoarsenic in feed

A new method of extracting arsenic compounds from animal feed was found to support results and be simpler, say researchers.

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US cooperative sees efficiency boost from high-tech grain facility

A new grain shuttle facility is making use of improved management technology for faster loading, unloading of feed grains, says manager.

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US: Feed mill expands on organic market growth

The continued growth of the US organic market has supported the expansion of organic feed production, including allowing Riverside Feeds to double in size.

Cargill collaborates with New Hope on soybean facility in China

Cargill is set to open in an oilseeds facility as part of a joint venture with China's New Hope.

Hansen-Mueller looks to expand footprint with new feed bagging facility

A new facility is set to expand feed bagging, organic processing opportunities for Hansen-Mueller. 

Minnesota soybean co-op looks to double production

Minnesota Soybean Processors are in the early stages of doubling production with a new, $240m soybean facility in North Dakota.

Reports from IPPE

ebeam me up: feed ingredients get the Star Trek treatment

ebeam Technologies is looking to change how the biological burden in feed crops can be managed starting at harvest. 

Sweets for cows? Questions raised as candy feed lands on roadway

The use of candy in feed garners attention in mainstream media after a spill of a load of Skittles, manufactured by Mars Inc, found on a roadside in the US.

Special Edition: Existing and Emerging Feed Risks

Fingerprinting technique touted as feed safety tool

Near-infrared (NIR) technology has typically been used by large feed companies for quality control of feed ingredients and compound feed but a leading expert sees huge benefits for its use...

Audit of USDA rural energy programs found controls lacking, data checks needed

A review of several US Department of Agriculture (USDA) rural energy programs found a need for better internal controls, data reporting and improved duplication checks, say auditors.

Feed tech innovation could reduce reliance on fillers

Rayeman Elements is developing systems that reduce the use of fillers, binders and limiters in feed production, says company executive.

Reports from AMC PIX conference in Australia

Field to fork: NIR technology has ‘real future’ in feed

NIR technology has a strong future in complex feed chain analysis, far beyond simple quality control checks, claim industry experts.

Special Edition: Environmental friendly feed sector initiatives

UK feed mill revamp: ForFarmers banking on 20% energy savings

Dutch feed producer, ForFarmers, was recently granted permission to go ahead with the construction of a planned £10.5m extension to its dairy feed plant in Exeter, UK.

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Technology tweaks address mounting diversification in premix sector

Increasing cost pressure in the European feed market is encouraging both industry consolidation and the trend towards customization in premix production, says KSE.

Special Edition: Feed Technology

Feed mill updates focus on efficiency and computer tracking

The academic feed mill at the Northern Crops Institute affiliated with North Dakota State University focuses on time, energy savings when adding technology.

Energy efficiency was the buzzword at feed technology show VICTAM 2015

From coolers to pellet presses to extruders, increased capacity with reduced energy consumption was the cry of many feed technology providers at VICTAM 2015 in Germany last week. 

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