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Yeast strains may offer potential as feed additives in face of mycotoxin, pathogen presence

Some yeast strains may offer benefit as a feed additive when pathogens or mycotoxins are present in feed, say researchers. 

Special Edition: Middle East and African Feed Developments

Middle East, Asia and Americas perform for additive group Anpario

Feed additives company, Anpario, posted an earnings hike for the first half of 2017.

Boosting profit from optimizing steam conditioning, pelleting and cooling in feed mills

An event last week focused on ways to improve feed mill operation costs, while also maximizing quality, hygiene and security of the feed at such facilities.

Call to action: Project aims to shift edible fats and oils onto sustainable footing

Volac, which among other activities, runs a global animal feed fats business with Wilmar, wants to help shape the future of edible fats and oils, such as those derived from...

Regionally relevant probiotic may boost growth, weight gain in broilers

A novel probiotic strain may offer an alternative to antibiotic use by supporting weight gain and broiler health, say researchers.

USDA: corn, soy production bump causes price drop

An unexpected increase to production of US feed crops has caused a drop in prices, says analyst. 

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Dutch feed group to lend expertise to African, Asian and Latin American farmers

ForFarmers has announced it is to collaborate with Agriterra to help professionalize farmers' organizations and cooperatives in emerging markets. 

IFFO picks holes in paper linking fishmeal and antibiotic resistance

Some perspective is required when evaluating the results of the recently published Chinse study identifying antibiotic resistant genes in fishmeal, argues the IFFO.

European feed manufacturer space: acquisitions, new builds and a Halal deal

As autumn sneaks in, we review recent developments at some of Europe’s major feed production players. 

Low-cost enzymes may offer digestion boost to tilapia

Soybean meal and low-cost enzymes use may offer boost to tilapia production, though results differ when alternative plant proteins are used, say researchers.

Research shows antibiotic resistant genes in fishmeal

Chinese scientists have found 132 antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) in commercially available fishmeal.

Feed industry needs to capitalize on bearish grains and oilseeds market: CRM

Strong recovery in the euro means fewer exports and leaves European feed compounders with access to larger quantities of wheat and barley, reports a grain market analyst. 

Essential oils in feed improve meat quality: study

Use of clove and rosemary essential oils with encapsulated active principles in feed may reduce oxidation of meat and improve shelf life, say researchers.

USDA: US sees drop in feed grain production

Feed production, use sees decreases in the US as initial survey-based results arrive, says USDA.

Nile tilapia farmed in cold water may see performance boost from added α-linolenic acid

Raising levels of α-linolenic acid in tilapia diets may improve growth, weight gain and feed efficiency in a cold-water environment, say researchers.

Mathematical models may support cheaper swine feed with no drop in production

Using mathematical models rather than nutrient tables may offer producers a way to support pig growth and development with less financial and environmental costs, say researchers.

Veggie power? Cargill develops fermented feed to battle disease in aquaculture

Cargill has developed a fermented vegetable feed said to be rich in organic acid for shrimp that it claims can reduce the spread of early mortality syndrome (EMS).

Earthworm meal and vermi-humus may boost broiler performance, gut health

Feeds with earthworm meal and vermi-humus may improve broiler feed efficiency, growth and gut health, say researchers.

USDA: Corn endings stocks drop as soybean, meal prices fall

Feed crop report brings smaller corn yield drops than expected, and a bleak picture for US spring wheat, says economist.

Three-in-one probiotic offers interactive benefits for poultry

Poultry farmers wanting to boost productivity and safeguard animal health, while minimizing the use of antibiotics, will soon be able to access what its creator says is the most heavily-researched...

Corbion seeks microalgae platform in TerraVia bid

The acquisition of TerraVia would bring an algae platform along with research and production facilities to Corbion if approved, said executive.

China’s pork imports flat in first half of 2017

Rabobank, in its outlook for the remainder of the year, predicts that global pork supply will increase further, and competition for global consumers will intensify. 

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FAO carrying out survey on contaminants in feed

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is seeking industry feedback and data on potential contaminants in feed.

Evonik expects lower methionine volumes in Q3

In its Q2 financial results, Evonik reported good demand and improved market sentiment in its animal nutrition business towards the end of the quarter. 

TerraVia files for bankruptcy, announces potential sale

TerraVia voluntarily applied to restructure and has had a $20m “stalking horse” stock and asset purchase agreement offered.

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