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Special Edition: Middle East and African Feed Developments

Middle East, Asia and Americas perform for additive group Anpario

Feed additives company, Anpario, posted an earnings hike for the first half of 2017.

Boosting profit from optimizing steam conditioning, pelleting and cooling in feed mills

An event last week focused on ways to improve feed mill operation costs, while also maximizing quality, hygiene and security of the feed at such facilities.

US feed sector highlights importance of South Korea for trade

Agricultural and feed organizations insist the US free trade agreement with South Korea should remain as rumours surface the US has considered leaving the arrangement.

Cargill data platform aims to improve feed formulation and dairy production

Cargill’s digital technology platform offers dairy producers an easier way to understand their farms’ data and make feeding decisions, says product director.

Call to action: Project aims to shift edible fats and oils onto sustainable footing

Volac, which among other activities, runs a global animal feed fats business with Wilmar, wants to help shape the future of edible fats and oils, such as those derived from...

USDA: corn, soy production bump causes price drop

An unexpected increase to production of US feed crops has caused a drop in prices, says analyst. 

TechAccel wants to 'de-risk' agricultural, animal nutrition and health technologies

The Kansas-headquartered company seeks to collaborate with start-ups or support development of a university project to the stage where it would be commercially viable.

US software developer looks to streamline feed mill operations

US company, Sprout Solutions, is using tools from the world of finance to addressing feed milling challenges. 

Vietnam reopens market to US DGGS

The US Grains Council is applauding the end of a suspension on imports of a US feed product to Vietnam and change to fumigation requirements for feed ingredients.

Investors to plough millions into Irish start-up and early stage AgTech

A new €20m fund for farm technology innovation was launched yesterday in Ireland.

IFFO picks holes in paper linking fishmeal and antibiotic resistance

Some perspective is required when evaluating the results of the recently published Chinse study identifying antibiotic resistant genes in fishmeal, argues the IFFO.

Anatara and Zoetis in talks to commercialize antibiotic alternative

Zoetis has started the negotiation process with Australia's Anatara Lifesciences on an licence option to develop an anti-scour supplement for the global market.

Protected yeasts may offer digestion boost to grain fed beef cattle

Adding encapsulated active dried yeast to the diets of grain-fed cattle may improve intestinal digestion of nutrients, say researchers. 

USDA: Corn lags while soybeans keep pace

Despite weather challenges and some feed crop damage, overall production is expected to meet feed demands, says analyst.

60 second interview: Importance of trade for feed and grain industry future

The feed and grain industry has a new voice in the recently elected chairwoman for the US Grains Council. A farmer from Iowa, Deb Keller was elected to her new...

Is tree bark the remedy for diarrhea in calves?

A botanical extract may improve calf hydration and limit diarrhea, says researcher. 

Campaigners want US to rethink biofuel feedstocks

Factors such as direct and indirect land use conversion, higher feed prices and environmental damage are prompting US environmental campaigners, Mighty Earth, and others to demand the EPA reconsider and...

Research shows antibiotic resistant genes in fishmeal

Chinese scientists have found 132 antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) in commercially available fishmeal.

Feed industry needs to capitalize on bearish grains and oilseeds market: CRM

Strong recovery in the euro means fewer exports and leaves European feed compounders with access to larger quantities of wheat and barley, reports a grain market analyst. 

USDA grant aided research looks at novel feeding schedule for monensin

A research project is seeking to prolong the effectiveness of monensin in cattle feed by using a novel feeding schedule, says researcher.

COFCO and Growmark in grain alliance

US grain co-op, Growmark, has established a partnership with COFCO as it seeks to expand the co-op’s feed and grain export market internationally, says executive director.

US: Feed safety concerns continues after flooding

Floodwaters may mean stored feed and feed crops in Texas and surrounding areas need to be destroyed to maintain feed safety, says FDA.

USDA: US sees drop in feed grain production

Feed production, use sees decreases in the US as initial survey-based results arrive, says USDA.

Canada to invest $1.75m in feeding study to reduce GHG, improve cattle production

A multi-facet, multi-year project is set to assess the use of biochar as a feed ingredient for cattle with the aim of reducing methane emissions and improving feed efficiency, says...

US feed groups weigh in on GMO labeling law

NGFA and the Coalition for Safe and Affordable Food call for the USDA to be clear when relaying the idea that a biotech labeling disclosure law does not apply to...

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