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EFSA funds project evaluating mycotoxin co-occurrence risk analysis tools

An EU wide feed and food mycotoxin project has been awarded a €375K grant under an EFSA initiative.

US feed companies urged to sign up to gain access to Chinese market

Chinese market opportunities await US feed additive and premix producers as market regulation protocols progress.

EU imposes limits on commodity trading, opponents say new rules 'too permissive'

January 2018 will see new rules enter force in the EU aimed at curbing speculation in products such as wheat, maize and soybeans. 

AMR report prompts further calls to curb use of antibiotics in farming

Multi-drug resistance in Salmonella bacteria is high across the EU but resistance to critically important antimicrobials used to treat severe human cases of Salmonella infection remains low, finds a report by two EU agencies....

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EFSA identifies data gap in assessment of xylanase

EFSA has found a xylanase is effective for use in pigs for fattening but insufficient evidence prevented it from ruling likewise on its efficacy in broilers and weaned piglets....

Jury trial requested in amended complaint

US: Lawsuit claims 'natural' label is misleading if milk from GM feed used

A lawsuit argues the 'all natural' label on a range of Dannon yogurts is misleading as the products "contain ingredients derived from animals who are fed genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and...

Agribusiness says politics trumps science in Commission move

Some 17 trade groups including, FEFAC, have made a joint call to the EU Commission to prioritize science-based decision making when modifying EU authorization mechanisms.

US: Ag 'thought leaders' and farmers at odds over how crop prices will play out

Feed grain farmers are looking forward to the next few years, easing regulation and a rebound in the markets, but wider industry is less convinced of a hike in feed...

Enterra: Canada approves dried larvae from insects for fish feed

Enterra has received approval from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to sell its whole dried Black Soldier Fly (BSF) larvae in feed for salmonids.

US: Cargill calls for responsible trade, immigration policy

Cargill has taken a stance on recent executive orders issued by the Trump administration. 

Special Edition: Asia Pacific Feed Developments

EU-Sino mycotoxin alliance aimed at ‘level playing field’ in feed additive regulation

Dairy and pig trials to support the development of EU equivalent regulations on feed additives to detoxify mycotoxins are about to get underway in China.

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EU parliament backs trade deal with Canada

MEPs today backed the CETA trade deal with Canada, with 408 in favor and 254 against, amid protests outside the EU parliament building in Strasbourg.

Reports from IPPE

AFIA optimistic about regulatory gains under Trump

Some US feed industry members are optimistic about the potential for sector-friendly changes arising out of Trump administration.

EMA to reconsider basis for zinc oxide ban

The UK government, among others, has been pressing the European Medicine Agency (EMA) veterinary to review its decision of late last year to remove approval for the use of zinc...

Silage additive producer quibbles with EFSA over analytical tool

Agriton says it disagrees with an EFSA opinion on its silage additive 

Reports from IPPE

Nor-Feed looks to US with antibiotic alternatives

Nor-Feed plans to bring plant-based, antibiotic alternatives to the US market, says company CEO. 

Reports from IPPE

Chinese feed industry getting 'more sophisticated'

The feed industry in China is seeing heightened feed safety regulation, greater industry integration and innovation.

Inconclusive EFSA findings on safety of talc derived feed additive

EFSA has reiterated a previous finding on a talc based additive, produced by Italian company, IMI FABI.

EO use helps boost survival in farmed catfish facing disease challenge

Additive essential oils can boost farmed catfish survival in the face of a challenge from Aeromonas hydrophila, say researchers.

Acid reflex: a strategy for zinc oxide and antibiotic removal?

Pig farmers panicking about the prospect of a ban on zinc oxide may find that water acidification presents a viable alternative, by improving performance and supporting the gut health of...

Former foodstuffs processors back proposed EU waste targets

The UK’s association for former foodstuffs processing has welcomed the recent proposal by MEPs to halve food waste by 2030. 

Focus on fisheries management not FFDR, says marine ingredients industry group

IFFO speaks out against proposals to reduce the Forage Fish Dependency Ratio (FFDR) within the Aquaculture Stewardship Council’s Salmon Standard, arguing that “direct, effective management” of fisheries is a better...

US: Syfrett Feed hit with court order over medicated feed 'violations'

The US authorities have filed an enforcement action against the Florida feed manufacturer over reported violation of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FD&CA).

Special Edition: Ruminant Nutrition

Feeding cows milk that may contain antibiotic residues - what's the risk?

EFSA says the feeding to calves of colostrum and milk containing residues of antimicrobials that could select for antimicrobial-resistant bacteria should be avoided.

Will US farmers be feeding their animals pot anytime soon?

As more states in the US legalize the use of cannabis and cannabis products for recreational use, there has been some discussion about its potential benefits as a feed ingredient.

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