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Food and feed genotoxic substances risk assessment - EFSA opinion up for review

EFSA has launched a public consultation on a draft opinion developed by its scientific committee on the evaluation of the genotoxicity of substances in food and feed safety assessments.

Special Edition: Sustainable Sourcing

Cert ID looks to help feed firms map sustainability risk in their supply chains

How can feed companies identify sustainability risks within their own supply chains and what are suitable strategies to mitigate or minimize such risks?

Farmers want US Dept of Justice to stop proposed Monsanto-Bayer tie up

Agriculture industry groups are raising concerns about the proposed Monsanto-Bayer tie up, and asking the US Department of Justice to stop the merger.

EU interagency report urges research into link between antibiotics and resistance

A new EU report confirms the link between antibiotic consumption and antibiotic resistance in both humans and food-producing animals.

Canadian beef and dairy feed standards up for review

Proposed feed standards for beef and dairy cows seek to improve regulatory responsiveness, while maintaining nutritional and environmental safety, says CFIA.   

Banned growth promoter substance found on Irish farm

Cows on a farm in Co Monaghan tested positive for the growth promoter drug, clenbuterol, last year, according to the Irish Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine’s (DAFM) report...

UK pig farmer fined £4K for feeding meat sandwiches to pigs

Simon John Tallis, a pig producer based in Halifax, pleaded guilty to two offences relating to breaches of legislation introduced to cut the risk of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) affecting UK...

USDA: Feed not likely disease pathway for US BSE-positive cow

A cow in Alabama has been the most recent animal in the US to present atypical bovine spongiform encephalopathy.

Workshop offers feed, grain industry members tips on dust management

Raising awareness and highlighting the importance of cleaning hard to reach areas are two topics for an upcoming grain explosion safety workshop, says expert.

Xylanase product can boost body weight and feed to gain ratio in carp: EFSA

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) finds a poultry and pig feed additive can improve the performance of carps.

Ridley and Huon claim mutually successful outcome to the mediation process

Huon Aquaculture pays Ridley AUS $16.6m in ‘commercial dispute’ settlement

Huon Aquaculture and Ridley Corporation have settled a multi-million dollar legal case over outstanding feed payments through mediation. 

AFIA weighs in on classification debate over animals consuming biotech feed

AFIA was among those to suggest how to specify that biotech animal feed ingredients do not make animal products biotech in response to USDA questions on the subject.

Special Edition: Sustainable Sourcing

IFFO RS looks to make new fishmeal and fish oil sourcing standard fit for purpose

The aim of the revised IFFO RS, version 2.0, launched today, is to ensure the relevancy and credibility of the marine raw material standard, which, up to now, has mainly...

More countries back EU soy declaration

A German-Hungarian proposal has been backed by 13 EU member states; they signed the European Soy declaration yesterday (17 July).

Contaminated feed likely cause of 60 BSE cases in EU since ban: EFSA

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) experts have concluded that contaminated feed was the most probably source of infection in the 60 BSE cases that have occurred in the EU after the...

MEPs oppose GM herbicide resistant soybean imports

Environment MEPs have called on the EU Commission not to authorize imports of products into the EU made from herbicide resistant soybean, DAS-68416-4. 

Efficacy of alternatives to antibiotics can vary considerably by species and purpose of use: Pew Trusts

Questions remain on most effective reasons to deploy antibiotic alternatives, which products are most effective and in which species, says researcher in new report.  

Insects are a promising alternative source of proteins: FEFAC

The inclusion of insect meal could further contribute to the sustainable development of EU aquaculture, in the long term, says the EU compound feed manufacturing trade group, FEFAC.

EU feed industry and regulatory insiders weigh in how sector can reduce antibiotic use

A new EU functional group of feed additives is required to incentivize the industry to invest in products to support animal health and welfare, says a Belgian Ministry of Health...

EU action plan to fight antimicrobial resistance

The Commission has committed to continuing to promote animal husbandry and feeding regimes that support good animal health and welfare to reduce the use of antibiotics at farm level.

Deal reached in long-drawn-out talks on EU organic rules

The Commission, the Council and the Parliament have finally come to a provisional agreement on the overhaul of EU organic regulation and product labelling.

EU feed sector warns politicians ‘Don’t conceive of energy policy in isolation’

FEFAC calls on policymakers to maintain as broad a scope as possible in their assessment of the likely impact of any revisions to the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) on other...

'Sanderson Farms will vigorously defend this lawsuit'

US organizations file complaint against Sanderson Farms over use of ‘100% Natural’ in advertising

Three US-based non-profits have brought a lawsuit against Sanderson Farms for its use of a 100% natural statement in product advertising.

A new Dutch plant will be the first in Protix and Buhler insect tie-up

Bühler Insect Technology, in tandem with its joint venture partner, Protix, will build an industrial plant to process black solider flies for animal nutrition in the southern part of the...

Seafood Watch calls farmed salmon certified by ASC a ‘good alternative’

Data collection and feed sourcing were among the criteria considered by Seafood Watch in an evaluation of ASC’s farmed salmon standards.

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