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Gaps remain in US oversight of antibiotic use in production animals

More oversight is needed to track the use, in feed or other methods, of medically important antibiotics in production animals says the US Government Accountability Office (GAO).

Special Edition: Organic Feed

New plant breeding techniques – opportunity or death knell for organic feed and food?

There have been public debates about whether certain novel plant breeding techniques (NPBTs) such as CRISPR, could be used within the organic farming model to close the productivity gap, or...

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USDA to allow emergency grazing after western wildfire

Damage to feed and grasslands caused by wildfires in several western US states prompted President Trump to open reserved grasslands to cattle.

Feed industry needs to cheerlead for trade

The feed industry has a role to play in highlighting the benefits the sector sees from free trade, says expert.

Feed safety high on the agenda at Brussels workshop on former foodstuffs

Managing risk when using surplus food in feed: industry weighs up options

Delegates at an event in Brussels last week heard how former foodstuffs transformed into feed can be a safe, sustainable business strategy that contributes to food waste prevention. 

Future of formaldehyde in feed: ‘EU did not weigh up paper assessing worker risk’

Anitox says there has not been any new evidence published to support a proposed EU ban on the use of formaldehyde in feed.

GM case: legal expert rejects ‘precautionary principle’ grounds

An opinion from an advocate general (AG) about a European Court of Justice (ECJ) case found EU states should only adopt emergency measures regarding genetically modified feed and food if...

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EFSA seeks feed additive industry expert help

EFSA is inviting industry representatives to join two ad-hoc discussion groups that will assist in the development of draft guidance documents on the assessment of feed additives.

Brazilian feed producer said to be using expired by-products

'Brazil must implement corrective action to restore credibility of its official controls'

The EU has called for independent official controls on Brazil's meat industry to ensure greater trust in the country's exports.

Brexit triggered: EU feed group calls for 'safeguard measures to maintain markets'

FEFAC said its members are convinced a comprehensive free trade agreement between the UK and the EU-27, based on EU standards, would be the best outcome for the EU and...

Vote against GM crops for cultivation in Europe

EU states yesterday (27 March) failed to deliver a qualified majority supporting the approval of two new GM crops for cultivation in Europe. A licence renewal of the only GM...

Canada: Firm to offer more data in light of dioxin-based recall

After dioxin levels prompted a voluntary recall effort in Canada, Absorbent Products is turning to additional testing to demonstrate how little is bioavailable, says company president.

EU regulatory clearance for $130 billion merger of Dow and DuPont

The EU said it decided to approve a merger between US chemical companies, Dow and DuPont, because they made “significant commitments” to meet its competition concerns.

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Conflict of interest questions: EFSA wants feedback on policy

EFSA is seeking comment from the scientific community, NGOs, MEPs and other stakeholders on its independence policy.

Expanding eConnectivity in agriculture

US grain producers and handlers may soon have more powerful data management capabilities to address traceability and the regulatory needs of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) thanks to a...

Omega-3 canola oil supplier filing for regulatory approval in Australia, US and Canada

Omega-3 canola firm Nuseed has filed for regulatory approval in Australia, with submissions for Canada and the US set to be lodged later this month.

EU farmers want short-term ban imposed on Brazilian meat imports

The EU farm lobby wants the EU Commission to impose a temporary ban on Brazilian meat imports, in the wake of the meat scandal in the Latin American country. 

Canada: anti-caking agent recalled over dioxin concerns

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency advised a manufacturer to recall a feed ingredient from the Canadian marketplace due to unacceptable levels of dioxins.

Soy cultivation: What is the path to sustainable land use in Brazil?

Expansion of soy production in the Brazilian Cerrado is possible but it needs to be managed to preserve areas of biodiversity, says an expert.

Chicken feathers in pet food: Wilbur-Ellis denies misbranding and adulteration

A California company says it is ready to defend itself in court over accusations it misbranded its pet food products by using too many lower-quality ingredients, such as chicken feathers,...

Mercosur deal: Brussels pressed over Brazilian meat scandal

The EU farm lobby has stressed concerns over meat standards and safety must be given priority in discussions with the Latin American trade bloc in the wake of the corruption...

EU insect meal manufacturers look beyond fish

European insect protein players are aiming to push for regulatory change to allow larvae meal to be used in EU pig and poultry production. 

Towards sustainable fishery management for Peruvian anchovy

The Peruvian anchovy fishery - the aquaculture feed industry’s most important individual fishery - is embarking on a Fisheries Improvement Project (FIP) to improve its sustainability record.

EU parliament votes to keep food losses as feed, not waste

The feed and formers foodstuffs sectors have welcomed the plenary vote by the EU Parliament backing a Commission proposal to leave raw materials placed on the market as feed outside...

Glyphosate should not be classed as a carcinogen: ECHA

In a long awaited opinion, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) said, on the available scientific evidence, there were no grounds to classify the controversial herbicide, glyphosate, as a carcinogen, as...

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