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UK pig trade group furious over decision

EMA committee makes 'U-turn' decision on zinc oxide

A committee of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has recommended the refusal of the granting of future marketing authorisations and the withdrawal of existing ones for veterinary medicinal products containing zinc oxide (ZnO)....

Greenpeace wants EU wide ban on the feed additive

EFSA updates on timeline for ethoxyquin risk assessment

EFSA says its eagerly awaited updated opinion on the safety of ethoxyquin as a feed additive should be finalized by 2017.

Special Edition: Existing and emerging feed risks

Inorganic arsenic, arsenolipids, iodine – tracking future feed controls

A risk assessment of arsenolipids, which are lipid-soluble arsenic-containing compounds present in marine oils, is urgently needed, says a researcher. 

Special Edition: Existing and emerging feed risks

Hike in amount of feed samples tainted with Salmonella: EU report

A slight increase was seen in the overall level of Salmonella tainted animal and vegetable derived feed material last year, according to a new report.

US: Ridley business recalls beef cattle feed

US firm, Ridley Block Operations, a division of the Alltech owned Ridley Inc, has initiated a voluntary recall of a single batch of a beef cattle feed product due to...

EU organic farming regulation still proving divisive

EU agriculture ministers have failed to reach a consensus on the proposal for organic regulation.

Special Edition: Existing and Emerging Feed Risks

What risks are involved in switching formulations in feed plants?

Feed for multiple animals can be made at the same facility if safeguards are followed, says biosecurity expert.  

Green light for insect protein in fish feed in EU

The EU Commission voted yesterday (Tuesday 13 December) to open the aquaculture feed market for insect derived protein from July 2017.

Pledge seen as ‘breakthrough’ for seafood industry sustainability

Eight CEOs of the leading seafood companies globally, in both wild capture and aquaculture, along with fish feed players have signed a major ocean sustainability pledge.

Texas feed company faces $83K OSHA fine

Missing guardrails, handrails and fire extinguishers along with wiring concerns were among the safety violations reported for CPE Feeds.

Special Edition: Existing and emerging feed risks

Experts identify data gap preventing 'full risk assessment' of by-products and former foodstuffs used in feed

Greater communication between the food and the feed sector is critical to quantify risk from feed ingredients derived by food manufacture, said an agricultural economist.  

Special Edition: Existing and emerging feed risks

EFSA asked to weigh up risk from chlorinated paraffins in food and feed

The European Commission has asked EFSA to assess the risk to both animal and human health from chlorinated paraffins in feed and food.

Biomin looks to expand mycotoxin detoxification technologies

Biomin's R&D team is said to be focused on finding a heat-stable enzyme to neutralize zearalenone, and more.

EU protein production: Does FEFAC have its finger on the pulse?

Limited availability and high prices are two factors restricting the use of pulses in the European feed complex, says EU compound feed manufacturer trade group, FEFAC.

FDA supports animal drug research

Grant applications are being sought by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to expand drugs available for the aquaculture sector to control disease. 

US poultry sector again bemoans likely feed cost hike from RFS

Revised volume targets for the 2017 and 2018 renewable fuel standard (RFS) again cause feed cost concerns for poultry producers.

FDA extends comment period on antimicrobial use in animal ag

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is extending the consultation period on antimicrobial use that it originally announced in September.

Despite legislative pressure, US GM feed trade 'still strong' with Dominican Republic

Although last year saw potential concerns about the import of GMO feed and feed ingredients from the US, use continues to be strong in the Dominican Republic, says analyst. 

Dispatches from EuroTier 2016

‘Phytogenics are moving from niche to mainstream’

Delacon says the initial industry skepticism about botanical compounds is decreasing as a growing number of independent studies show the impact of such additives on livestock production. 

Special Edition: Existing and Emerging Feed Risks

EFSA mandated to develop feed contaminants risk assessment tool

The EU Commission has asked EFSA to develop a tool to allow a simplified approach to RASFF decision making on the risk for humans and animals from notifications related to...

US: Bitwater Farms looks to develop cricket derived feed industry

Bitwater Farms is developing cricket production units with the goal of expanding cricket production and use in the US feed industry.

Poll results: The feed sector will not fare well under a Trump presidency

Our jury of readers forecast that Donald Trump’s tenure as US president, scheduled to begin on 20 January 2017, will be damaging for the US feed industry. 

US Senators: We need faster GM approval process by China

Several US Senators have called on the Obama administration to make the approval process for GM products a focus in upcoming trade talks with China.

US feed orgs, growers offer support for TPP, but plan alternatives

International trade remains focus for US feed and grower organizations, regardless of Trans-Pacific Partnership approval.

Nebraska feed mill faces $500K fine after employee death

An employee of Prinz Grain and Feed was killed in May this year when he entered a grain bin to clear corn from the sides of an enclosed container, and...

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