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UK moves to lift BSE restrictions

The British beef industry is hoping for a boost following theannouncement of the start of a managed transition towards the lifting of the Over Thirty Month (OTM) rule.

EC authorises Italian BSE aid

The European Commission has retroactively authorised Italy to grant state aid of €169 million to counter the effects of the 2001 BSE ('mad cow disease') crisis.

Price boost for soy on BSE fears

Soy suppliers could see a boost to sales if fears of a second case of BSE in the US lead to a full ban on meat and bone meal.

New feed body promises to ensure supply chain safety

The opening of the Community Reference Laboratory (CRL) for the authorisation of feed additives follows recent concern over additive and antibiotic residues entering the food chain.

Dioxin scare highlights value of EU tracking system

EU health commissioner David Byrne has expressed his confidence in the food chain as a contamination scare highlights the value of traceability and the progress made in reducing risks to...

EFSA clears Monsanto corn, again

Europe's food watchdog reaffirms the safety of a GM sweetcorn designed by biotech giant Monsanto on the back of new evidence submitted by German scientists.

Green light from Brussels for GM corn in food formulations

GM starch and corn oil are cleared for use in European food formulations after Brussels gives the green light on a genetically modified maize line from US biotech giant Monsanto,...

Australia defends Monsanto corn

Australia's food watchdog reassures consumers on the safety of a genetically modified corn refined for use in a range of food products after new research sparks rumours.

Brussels clears GM corn in EU25 fields

For the first time in Europe's history, and in the face of strong opposition, European countries will be able to grow GM maize in their fields as Brussels waves through...

Public rejection of GM food mounts

Despite tough new rules on GM food labels, food makers will stick to non-GM alternatives as new evidence from the UK shows British consumers will continue to refuse to buy...

Low risk in food chain from mycotoxin

Europe's watchdog concludes that human exposure to the potentially harmful contaminant zearalenone in the food chain is 'expected to be low'.

Codex clears 20 new food standards

The world's watchdog for food rules has given the green light to over 20 new and amended food standards covering animal feeding, milk products and a newly adopted definition for traceability.

Political pressure to influence Commission on GM food

The unofficial ban on GM foodstuffs has ended but sceptical European ministers yesterday failed to give the green light on a biotech sweetcorn from Monsanto, reports Lindsey Partos. Food makers...

FSA looks into BSE testing failures

Food safety concerns rise in the UK as the Food Standards Agency launches an investigation into the apparent failure by the meat hygiene arm of the food watchdog to test...

GM free milk hits the shelves

As the anti-GM feel gains pace in Europe Britain's third largest retailer Sainsbury has seized the moment launching onto the supermarket shelves a milk produced from cows 'guaranteed to have...

Attitudes to EU emissions regulations revealed

A survey of attitudes to the EU Emissions Trading Scheme suggests that many companies are not sufficiently prepared. Even though no firm thinks that the EU ETS will be scrapped,...

GM detection receives accreditation

Accreditation of Genetic ID's testing for detection of genetically modified materials in raw foods, processed foods, and animal feed has been renewed by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

Tracing salmon from farm to fork

German chemicals company BASF is to participate in a new project designed to trace Norwegian farmed salmon throughout the entire production chain as part of a qualitative move to boost...

UK waste management strategy criticised

The UK government's recent Review of Environmental and Health Effects of Waste Management has been slammed by an environmental pressure group.

Industry urged to meet environmental requirements

The UK's environmental regulator has cautioned food and drink manufacturers that if they fail to comply with essential environmental legislation they risk hefty fines. The warning comes as a website...

US announces renewable energy grants to SMEs

Grants have been made available in the US to enable small businesses to invest in renewable energy systems. Food producers could be in line to benefit most - the industry...

Energy efficient food safety

The Agricultural and Food Technology Alliance (AFTA), set up by energy solutions provider EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute), is a project designed to help food manufacturers better manage their energy...

GMO rules explained

With stringent rules on the labelling of genetically modified ingredients entering into force earlier this week, the European Commission has laid out the framework for the tough new regulations.

Blow to the egg industry

The safety of chicken eggs has been challenged by a UK environmental pressure group, just weeks after figures showing the lowest levels of Salmonella in years were published. The Soil...

Understanding risk

Governments on both sides of the Atlantic need to better understand how consumers perceive risk if they are to form better food safety policies. The issue of bioterrorism however is...

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