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Yeast strains may offer potential as feed additives in face of mycotoxin, pathogen presence

Some yeast strains may offer benefit as a feed additive when pathogens or mycotoxins are present in feed, say researchers. 

Special Edition: Middle East and African Feed Developments

South Africa: Firms told alleged feed deal 'violates' competition law

Two South African companies face charges over reportedly violating competition law in that market in relation to the supply of fruit juice byproducts for animal feed use.

Anatara and Zoetis in talks to commercialize antibiotic alternative

Zoetis has started the negotiation process with Australia's Anatara Lifesciences on an licence option to develop an anti-scour supplement for the global market.

Protected yeasts may offer digestion boost to grain fed beef cattle

Adding encapsulated active dried yeast to the diets of grain-fed cattle may improve intestinal digestion of nutrients, say researchers. 

Irish pig feed player invests to meet Brexit challenges head-on

The Brett Group, an Irish integrated multinational pork and bacon processor with annual revenues of €100m, is striving for greater production efficiency, particularly in feed milling, to mitigate against Brexit...

European feed manufacturer space: acquisitions, new builds and a Halal deal

As autumn sneaks in, we review recent developments at some of Europe’s major feed production players. 

Is tree bark the remedy for diarrhea in calves?

A botanical extract may improve calf hydration and limit diarrhea, says researcher. 

Campaigners want US to rethink biofuel feedstocks

Factors such as direct and indirect land use conversion, higher feed prices and environmental damage are prompting US environmental campaigners, Mighty Earth, and others to demand the EPA reconsider and...

Question over safety of GM bacteria derived feed product

EFSA was unable to conclude on the safety of a feed material produced by fermentation with Escherichia coli, a by-product of the production of l-lysine, for certain animals and for meat consumers. ...

USDA grant aided research looks at novel feeding schedule for monensin

A research project is seeking to prolong the effectiveness of monensin in cattle feed by using a novel feeding schedule, says researcher.

US: Feed safety concerns continues after flooding

Floodwaters may mean stored feed and feed crops in Texas and surrounding areas need to be destroyed to maintain feed safety, says FDA.

Essential oils in feed improve meat quality: study

Use of clove and rosemary essential oils with encapsulated active principles in feed may reduce oxidation of meat and improve shelf life, say researchers.

Fitness check for EU feed additives regulation

The European Commission is seeking comments on the extent to which the existing EU feed additive legislative framework is fit for purpose.

Canada to invest $1.75m in feeding study to reduce GHG, improve cattle production

A multi-facet, multi-year project is set to assess the use of biochar as a feed ingredient for cattle with the aim of reducing methane emissions and improving feed efficiency, says...

Feed sustainability and quality control needs collaboration, says Australian industry head

The feed sector must work together over the next five years if it wants to advance in contaminant control, sustainable sourcing and efficient processing, says the head of Stockfeed Manufacturers’...

USDA awards $467k for work to cut cow GHG emissions, improve diets

Grant-funded feeding trials assess potential methane mitigates and use of additive nitrates and bismuth subsalicylate in high-sulfur cattle feeds, says researcher.

USDA grant funds project exploring nutrient restriction in cows, calves

A research grant focused on cow diets seeks to explore the role dam nutrition plays in calf development, before and after birth, says researcher.

Summer of ‘17 moves in the world of US feed

The past several summer months have seen multiple moves, new hires and elections among members of the US feed industries.

Supplemental leucine explored for role in neonatal calf development

USDA is funding research to explore ways to improve performance of neonatal calves.

Purina partners with Performance Livestock Analytics, offers real-time feed metrics

Purina Animal Nutrition is offering automatic data capture and analysis to its beef producers through a partnership with Performance Livestock Analytics.

Barley and corn silage may offer performance boost to young calves

Barley and corn silage in diets may offer pre-weaning production boost to calves, say researchers in study.

Rising feed promise? Grain-fed cattle sector hits record 40% in Australia

The number of beef cattle on feed in Australia has hit record levels and end product prices remain high, opening up lots of opportunity for feed makers, says a Rabobank...

What factor does waste milk play for antibiotic resistance in calves?

Feeding of waste milk may be one factor increasing the amount of bacteria resistant to antibiotics in dairy calf guts, say researchers.

News in brief

FAO carrying out survey on contaminants in feed

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is seeking industry feedback and data on potential contaminants in feed.

Canada: new $15.5m facility to study beef cattle nutrition, genetics, health, behavior

A new research center for beef cattle is taking shape in Elora, Ontario and is expected to expand options for research into cow nutrition, genetics, forage use, feedlot systems and...

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