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US: Center awarded $3.8m for animal and human nutrition R&D

A research partnership established by two South Dakota universities and industry members focuses on animal nutrition, health and regional economic development, says director.  

BASF finds replacement for ethoxyquin in vitamin product

German company, BASF, has released a vitamin A formulation that includes an alternative to ethoxyquin for use in livestock and fish feed.

Supplementing dairy feed with chitosan supports milk production, feed efficiency

Insect or crustaceans shells may offer performance boost to high-producing dairy cows, say researchers.

Cargill sees benefits from animal nutrition and protein in Q4, full-year results

Fourth quarter and full-year results for Cargill have grown based, in part, on earnings from the animal nutrition and protein segment.

Contaminated feed likely cause of 60 BSE cases in EU since ban: EFSA

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) experts have concluded that contaminated feed was the most probably source of infection in the 60 BSE cases that have occurred in the EU after the...

US sorghum players look to woo Chinese buyers

US sorghum producers met a Chinese feed buyers’ delegation as part of a market maintenance and expansion informational trip.

Yerba mate supplement may bring antioxidant properties to milk production

Dietary yerba mate supplementation may offer antioxidant boost to dairy cattle without limiting intake milk yield or production, say researchers.

Australian firm files patent for high-protein native shrub feed

Wilson Pastoral has developed a solid feed using saltbush and bluebush that it claims is a sustainable and economical alternative to current feeds.

Data tool targets reproductive, health, nutritional and wellbeing status of dairy cows

A new modular cow monitoring program is said to allow dairy farmers to make data-driven decisions for maximized productivity.

Devenish buys ‘strategic’ stake in Turkish premix firm to expand in region

Northern Ireland's Devenish Nutrition has acquired a 50% share in leading Turkish premix brand, Yem-Vit.

EU action plan to fight antimicrobial resistance

The Commission has committed to continuing to promote animal husbandry and feeding regimes that support good animal health and welfare to reduce the use of antibiotics at farm level.

Special Edition: Feed Production Technology

Kent capital investments focus on improved technology

Efficiency, safety and product consistency are among the focuses for a series of ongoing capital investments for Kent Nutrition Group, says VP.

US: South Dakota-based novel protein company opens production plant

Novita Nutrition has opened a production facility dedicated to the generation of a novel protein and oil for feed use.

Compliant NI feed firms can expect fewer inspections

Feed businesses in Northern Ireland (NI) who participate in and comply with feed assurance schemes – FEMAS, TASCC and UFAS – can look forward to fewer inspections and less sampling,...

US sorghum group seeks to expand market, footprint in Mexico

US sorghum producers are setting their sights on expanding relationships and markets for the feed grain in Mexico after visiting poultry, swine and cattle producers there, says industry representative.  

News in brief

Hike in animal feed exports from Scotland

Scotland reported an increase in its exports of animal feed in the first three months of 2017 compared to Q1 2016.

Convergence project could facilitate free and fair trade of feed ingredients

A new international initiative aims to develop and establish common guidance that covers the technical requirements for the assessment of new feed ingredients, including new uses of existing feed ingredients.

ADM forms specialty feed ingredient arrangement with Anco

Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) is set to offer more specialty feed ingredients through a “strategic collaboration” with Anco, says VP.

Improved efficiency, agricultural sustainability: AgTech trends in the US

Data tracking, aquaculture and insect production offer some areas for ag technology investments moving forward, says CEO.

UK election result adding to instability

Global grain market under pressure, prices may go higher: analyst

The UK election result has increased instability in grain markets, and buyers were rightly advised to take precautionary risk measures against political fallout and weather related developments, says an analyst.

Bacteriophage cocktail reduces bacterial load in disease challenge

US startup EpiBiome sees progress in disease challenge trials and with new investors, says executive.    

EFSA: trial does not allow safety evaluation of zinc compound

EFSA was unable to conclude on the safety of zinc chelate of methionine sulfate as an additive for us in feed due to the limitations of the study the applicant...

UK anticipates more ‘forensic approach’ to feed safety audits

UK feed and agribusiness industry representative group, the Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC), has changed the company it uses to endorse and audit its feed safety scheme.

Special Edition: Early Animal Nutrition

Weaning time, plasma use, supplements and on: a look at trends in early animal nutrition

Recent work to address or improve the nutrition of young animals, from just hatched birds to calves facing weaning challenges includes a look at feed palatability, pre-weaning supplements and maternal...

Signs of confidence return to EU farming landscape, DLG sees renewed willingness of farmers to invest

European farmers are upbeat about business growth over the next 12 months.

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