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Agrisoma signs off on UPM deal, expands production of feed and fuel oilseed

Agrisoma Biosciences is expanding plantings, production of the oilseed, carinata, after signing a long-term supply agreement with bio-refinery, UPM.

USDA: US crop condition scores continue to fall

USDA reports that US crop conditions are below expectations, yet again. 

Special Edition: Feed Processing Technology

US firm launches energy ingredient for antibiotic free production

A US feed ingredient company is offering identity-preserved, antibiotic-free lipid product to address feed energy needs and downstream customer demands, says VP.

What environmental or dietary factors play a role in modifying amino acid requirements in farmed tilapia?

And why is there is little data on the recommended levels of amino acids in adult tilapia? We ask Evonik to explain…

Bunge competitiveness program seeks to trim $250m in spending

A new cost-cutting program for Bunge aims to reduce expense spending and capital expenditure for the next several years, says CEO.

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India and Bangladesh on Evonik gut health hit list

Evonik is releasing its in-house developed probiotic, GutCare PY1, in India and Bangladesh now following the launches in the US and China earlier this year.

US drought concerns plague cattle, feed producers on northern plains

Drought conditions in North Dakota and nearby states may be setting up a weather market for feed crop prices, says analyst.

BASF finds replacement for ethoxyquin in vitamin product

German company, BASF, has released a vitamin A formulation that includes an alternative to ethoxyquin for use in livestock and fish feed.

Sorghum could substitute cassava as starch source for feeding Pangasius in Vietnam

Sorghum may offer a replacement feed ingredient for Pangasius aquafeeds currently using cassava, says the US Grains Council.

US: SouthFresh Aquaculture earns first BAP certification for catfish feed production

SouthFresh Aquaculture’s feed mill has become the first feed mill in the southeastern US, and the second in the country to earn a BAP certification, says company VP.  

USDA: New barley strains with bioavailable phosphorus targeted at feed sector

New low-phytate barley varieties offer feed ingredient alternative for monogastrics, say geneticists.

US: Wastewater filtering company to produce algae for feed and food as byproduct

Clearas Water Recovery company is starting a large-scale facility to clean wastewater and generate algae, and is looking to feed, food and fuel as potential byproduct markets, says executive.

Can feed grade amino acids help remedy EU protein deficiency?

Supplementation of low protein diets with amino acids enables more sustainable animal production systems, claims Ajinomoto Eurolysine SAS.

US sorghum players look to woo Chinese buyers

US sorghum producers met a Chinese feed buyers’ delegation as part of a market maintenance and expansion informational trip.

Yerba mate supplement may bring antioxidant properties to milk production

Dietary yerba mate supplementation may offer antioxidant boost to dairy cattle without limiting intake milk yield or production, say researchers.

US: Tax-based financial incentives for new soy processing facility in Michigan

ZFS Ithaca starts progress on Michigan-based soybean processing plant, says general manager.

Cargill, Delacon partnership looks to expand market presence of phytogenic feed additives

Cargill and Delacon are partnering to expand the global market presence of phytogenic, plant-based feed additives in an ongoing effort to address consumer preference in animal feed ingredients.

Data tool targets reproductive, health, nutritional and wellbeing status of dairy cows

A new modular cow monitoring program is said to allow dairy farmers to make data-driven decisions for maximized productivity.

US-based fats and proteins foundation offers $250,000 in research funding

A feed ingredient research project is among seven proposals funded by the Fats and Proteins Research Foundation.

US corn, soy markets rally as planted acres bring little surprise

USDA report marks an uptick in soybean planted acres and growth in corn acres from March, in response grain markets rally, say analysts.

US: South Dakota-based novel protein company opens production plant

Novita Nutrition has opened a production facility dedicated to the generation of a novel protein and oil for feed use.

US researchers recycle poultry by-product as stress-relieving salmon feed additive

A by-product of poultry production offers promise as a stress-mitigating ingredient for farmed Atlantic salmon, says researcher.

Evonik tool assess ideal amino acid levels for farmed tilapia

A new formulation tool from German chemical group, Evonik, is aimed at increasing production efficiency in tilapia aquaculture, by helping the sector to formulate on an ideal protein basis.

Seafood Watch calls farmed salmon certified by ASC a ‘good alternative’

Data collection and feed sourcing were among the criteria considered by Seafood Watch in an evaluation of ASC’s farmed salmon standards.

Nebraska site picked for Evonik, Royal DSM omega-3 joint venture

Evonik and DSM have selected a site in Blair, Nebraska to construct a $200m production facility for omega-3 generating algae.

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