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Alltech building new algae production facility in Brazil

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By Jane Byrne

Last updated on 13-Jun-2014 at 12:22 GMT2014-06-13T12:22:43Z

Alltech building new algae production facility in Brazil

In its goal of Latin American expansion, Alltech has started construction on an algae facility in Brazil, in tandem with the acquisition of a new dairy and beef cattle feed plant in São Paulo.

The animal health and nutrition group is ploughing $63 million into the algae site, which is on the same premises as Alltech Sao Pedro.

“The company’s experience with its first algae manufacturing plant in Kentucky has been a great success, and this is the reason for making the investment in Brazil,” said Dr Mark Lyons, Alltech’s vice president for corporate affairs.  

There are two types of algae: autotrophic and heterotrophic.

The former requires sun for photosynthesis and for the production of energy while the latter uses oxygen in the environment for their development and production and does not need any light.

Alltech produces heterotrophic algae, grown in closed stainless steel fermenters. It says this production method allows for total control of the process, ensuring traceability, consistency and strict contamination control. 

The company has also announced the acquisition of a new animal feed plant in Indaiatuba, in São Paulo state.

The facility will manufacture nutritional products for beef and dairy cattle to meet increasing regional demand. It is also said that the plant will support the production capacity of the nine plants that Alltech currently has throughout Latin America, particularly its facility in Araucaria, Brazil.

With this new acquisition, the company said it is planning to close 2014 with a sales growth of around 27% in Latin America.

“The location of our new production facilities in Indaiatuba expands our reach more effectively. From Brazil, Alltech exports to all the rest of the countries in Latin America and to over 80 countries around the world. This investment located close to the major maritime port in Brazil, provides us with an exit door into an increasingly efficient and sustainable world,” said Simone Cavalli, Alltech’s operations director for Latin America.








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Why heterotrophic algae?

Growing heterotrophic algae is more expensive than autothrophic algae, I suppose...

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Posted by Algae Asia
15 June 2014 | 08h422014-06-15T08:42:19Z

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