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The feed industry is increasingly seen has having a part to play in ensuring the responsible use of in feed antimicrobials in livestock production. Policymakers are urging feed producers, farmers, vets and regulators to work together to determine the best husbandry and hygiene practices and viable alternatives, to reduce the use of antibiotics in farmed animals.

Nutreco challenge: Cheap edible aquaculture vaccines take top spot

Ireland based start-up, MicroSynbiotiX, is the winner of the final of the Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge event.

Antibiotic free chicken production: Tyson Foods shifts up a gear

Tyson Foods is set to switch its retail line of company-branded chicken products to birds raised without any antibiotics.

AMR report prompts further calls to curb use of antibiotics in farming

Multi-drug resistance in Salmonella bacteria is high across the EU but resistance to critically important antimicrobials used to treat severe human cases of Salmonella infection remains low, finds a report by two EU agencies....

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Reports from IPPE

Soy protein may have role to play in antibiotic-free poultry production

Antibiotic-free poultry diets may see a boost from enzymatically treated soybean meal in starter feed, says Hamlet Protein.

Reports from IPPE

What role could in-feed phytogenics play in US consumer food choice?

Plant-based feed additives have a high approval level among younger US consumers, reports phytogenics producer, Delacon.

Reports from IPPE

Cargill field testing changes in nutrition and farm management to improve gut microflora in birds

Cargill is focused on quality control of ingredients, mycotoxin management, precision feeding and the factors that influence the microflora of the bird

Reports from IPPE

Nor-Feed looks to US with antibiotic alternatives

Nor-Feed plans to bring plant-based, antibiotic alternatives to the US market, says company CEO. 

Reports from IPPE 2017

Can spray-dried plasma boost gut health in young poultry?

Spray dried plasma may help improve feed efficiency, gut health and calm immune response for young birds, says expert. 

EO use helps boost survival in farmed catfish facing disease challenge

Additive essential oils can boost farmed catfish survival in the face of a challenge from Aeromonas hydrophila, say researchers.

Acid reflex: a strategy for zinc oxide and antibiotic removal?

Pig farmers panicking about the prospect of a ban on zinc oxide may find that water acidification presents a viable alternative, by improving performance and supporting the gut health of...

Special Edition: Ruminant Nutrition

Feeding cows milk that may contain antibiotic residues - what's the risk?

EFSA says the feeding to calves of colostrum and milk containing residues of antimicrobials that could select for antimicrobial-resistant bacteria should be avoided.

Evonik underlines probiotic ambitions with IPPE launch

Evonik is unveiling its first in-house developed probiotic product at the IPPE trade show in Atlanta this week.

Does a spoonful of fish feed help the medicine go down?

DNA-supplemented feed may offer an efficient method of mass vaccination for farmed Atlantic salmon facing disease challenges, say researchers.

Chr. Hansen looks to pack a mightier punch with probiotics in APAC

Chr. Hansen is looking to expand its animal nutrition portfolio in Asia Pacific (APAC) markets. 

Special Edition: Ruminant Nutrition

Can garlic oil reduce calf greenhouse gas emissions?

Garlic oil may offer a way to reduce cow gas emissions when used with a high concentrate diet, say researchers.

FDA: US human-important antimicrobials sales grow, made up 62% of sales of all antimicrobials approved for livestock

Sales and distribution of antimicrobials continue to grow in the US, despite efforts to reduce use in animal feed and production.

What do probiotics and prebiotics offer farmed snakehead?

Probiotic and prebiotic use may support growth, digestion and immune functioning in farmed snakehead, say researchers. 

FDA extends comment period on antimicrobial use in animal ag

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is extending the consultation period on antimicrobial use that it originally announced in September.

Evonik is focusing on probiotics, gut health, and modelling

‘The full potential of the probiotics market has not yet been fully exploited’

Evonik says it is focusing on the development of alternatives to antibiotics with probiotics as a central plank in its strategy. 

Call to regulators to allow prophylactic claims for feed additives

The effect of nutrition on animal health is scientifically evident and communication and progress should not be blocked by regulations, argues a leading light of the feed industry. 

Tilapia show performance, health boost from essential oil use

Clove basil, ginger essential oils boost weight gain, growth, immune functioning in disease challenge tilapia, say researchers.

Red pepper essential oil may aid nutrient digestion in piglets

Animal scientists in Brazil examined the use of Brazilian red pepper essential oil in the diet of weanling pigs for growth and gut health.

Groups petitions US FDA to ban in-feed, preventative antibiotic use

A petition to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wants the agency to remove approvals for antibiotic use in livestock disease prevention and growth promotion.

Cargill invests $10.5m in Chilean fish research facility

Disease prevention and improved functional diets are among the focuses for a new Cargill fish research center in Chile.

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