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The feed industry is increasingly seen has having a part to play in ensuring the responsible use of in feed antimicrobials in livestock production. Policymakers are urging feed producers, farmers, vets and regulators to work together to determine the best husbandry and hygiene practices and viable alternatives, to reduce the use of antibiotics in farmed animals.

Special Edition: Ruminant Nutrition

Can garlic oil reduce calf greenhouse gas emissions?

Garlic oil may offer a way to reduce cow gas emissions when used with a high concentrate diet, say researchers.

FDA: US human-important antimicrobials sales grow, made up 62% of sales of all antimicrobials approved for livestock

Sales and distribution of antimicrobials continue to grow in the US, despite efforts to reduce use in animal feed and production.

What do probiotics and prebiotics offer farmed snakehead?

Probiotic and prebiotic use may support growth, digestion and immune functioning in farmed snakehead, say researchers. 

FDA extends comment period on antimicrobial use in animal ag

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is extending the consultation period on antimicrobial use that it originally announced in September.

Evonik is focusing on probiotics, gut health, and modelling

‘The full potential of the probiotics market has not yet been fully exploited’

Evonik says it is focusing on the development of alternatives to antibiotics with probiotics as a central plank in its strategy. 

Call to regulators to allow prophylactic claims for feed additives

The effect of nutrition on animal health is scientifically evident and communication and progress should not be blocked by regulations, argues a leading light of the feed industry. 

Tilapia show performance, health boost from essential oil use

Clove basil, ginger essential oils boost weight gain, growth, immune functioning in disease challenge tilapia, say researchers.

Red pepper essential oil may aid nutrient digestion in piglets

Animal scientists in Brazil examined the use of Brazilian red pepper essential oil in the diet of weanling pigs for growth and gut health.

Groups petitions US FDA to ban in-feed, preventative antibiotic use

A petition to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wants the agency to remove approvals for antibiotic use in livestock disease prevention and growth promotion.

Cargill invests $10.5m in Chilean fish research facility

Disease prevention and improved functional diets are among the focuses for a new Cargill fish research center in Chile.

Fish like it spicy: Cinnamon oil said to boost immune response in Nile tilapia

Stressed farm-raised tilapia may see immune functioning improvement when cinnamon oil is added to their feed, say researchers. 

US: Diamond V starts $28m expansion project to add feed additive manufacturing space

Diamond V says its latest expansion project is about building capacity to support heightened demand in animal nutrition products, antibiotic-free production and food safety.

Pew report calls for additional actions to improve use of antibiotics in US livestock production

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) needs to do more to ensure judicious use of antibiotics in US animal husbandry, say analysts.

Piglet diarrhea: Australian player seeks regulatory backing for antibiotic alternative

Anatara has submitted an application to register a product, which is based on a natural extract from pineapple roots called bromelain, to control diarrhea in piglets, with the Australian Pesticides...

Special Edition: Animal husbandry, Genetics, Nutrition and Management Link

One Health public forum pushes role of animal health in reducing antibiotic use

Boosting animal health, management, nutrition and genetics are factors in reducing the need to use antibiotics in animal production, say industry leaders.

Propolis extract, vit E supplements boost milk quality for dairy cows

Supplementing dairy cattle diets with vitamin E or propolis extract may improve milk quality, cow health, say researchers.

US FDA seeks input on time limits for therapeutic use of antibiotics in feed

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is seeking feedback on proposals regarding the therapeutic use of certain antibiotics in animal feed.

Greater monitoring of antibiotic resistance in retail meat needed: UK campaigners

There is limited data available on antibiotic resistance strains of pathogenic bacteria in meat products in the UK, says a campaigner seeking curbs to antibiotic usage in farmed animals.

Sanderson Farms: judicious antibiotic use improves sustainability, animal welfare

Feeding antibiotics selectively allows producers to be more sustainable and responsive to animal welfare, says Sanderson Farms. 

Fermented feed: will pig producers buy into it?

Fermented feed is becoming increasingly attractive, with some pig producers seeing a return in investment in as little as a year, thanks to refinements and improvements to ForFarmers’ fermented feed...

NGFA, AFIA call for revision of VFD’s electronic records policy

The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) and National Grain and Feed Association (NGFA) want the FDA to remove "an unnecessary and costly regulatory reporting burden" in a manner they said would be consistent...

US: Minnesota backs antibiotic stewardship, judicious use

Minnesota has established a five-year antibiotic stewardship plan around in-feed and animal production uses.

Special Edition: pig & poultry feed trends

Omics techniques said to reveal antibiotic alternatives that work

A leading researcher says by using omics techniques and non-invasive fecal biomarkers in vivo, it is now very easy to successfully select effective feed additive alternatives to antibiotic growth promoters...

Special edition: Pig & poultry feed trends

Novus aims to reduce antibiotics in pig, poultry feed

Novus International’s Project Horizon is said to be aimed at helping producers move toward antibiotic-free production.

Cargill: Consumers in US, Brazil want to see antibiotics out of cattle feed

Cargill’s ‘Feed for Thought’ survey highlights that many consumers want to see antibiotics left out of cattle feed and production.