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The feed industry is increasingly seen has having a part to play in ensuring the responsible use of in feed antimicrobials in livestock production. Policymakers are urging feed producers, farmers, vets and regulators to work together to determine the best husbandry and hygiene practices and viable alternatives, to reduce the use of antibiotics in farmed animals.

Supplementing dairy feed with chitosan supports milk production, feed efficiency

Insect or crustaceans shells may offer performance boost to high-producing dairy cows, say researchers.

Efficacy of alternatives to antibiotics can vary considerably by species and purpose of use: Pew Trusts

Questions remain on most effective reasons to deploy antibiotic alternatives, which products are most effective and in which species, says researcher in new report.  

Benchmark investing in probiotic technology, next generation larval diets

Aquaculture focused biotech company, Benchmark Holdings PLC, is showing strong organic growth, and investing, on the nutrition side, in probiotic technology, and replacement diets for juvenile shrimp production. 

EU action plan to fight antimicrobial resistance

The Commission has committed to continuing to promote animal husbandry and feeding regimes that support good animal health and welfare to reduce the use of antibiotics at farm level.

Microorganisms as feed additives – EFSA wants industry feedback

EFSA has launched a public consultation on its draft guidance document on the characterization of microorganisms used as feed additives or as production organisms.

US researcher seeks to mitigate the effects of stress in piglets

A researcher with Texas Tech University is examining the role a cortisol analog can play in improving piglet weaning responses while cutting antibiotic use.

Bacteriophage cocktail reduces bacterial load in disease challenge

US startup EpiBiome sees progress in disease challenge trials and with new investors, says executive.    

Anco capitalizing on antibiotic reduction trend in Brazil

Austrian feed additive company, Anco Animal Nutrition Competence, is to open a subsidiary in Brazil.

Animal nutrition, antibiotic use details in 2016 Smithfield Sustainability report

Feed ingredients, antibiotic use and animal housing were all evaluated in work toward sustainability goals, says Smithfield Foods VP.

'Imagine being able to edit the microbiome' - TechAccel talks animal nutrition targeted innovation

Investing in feed technology and animal nutrition starts with knowing what producers need, says company executive.

Dutch feed group releases trading update

Concerns about Brexit bearing down on UK agri business: ForFarmers

ForFarmers says the market circumstances in the UK remain challenging in the short term. 

USDA seeks improved understanding of in-feed antimicrobial use

A pair of studies is set to collect information on the use of antimicrobial products in feed and water on cattle feedlots and in swine nursery and grower-finisher facilities, says...

Researchers find yeast strain that boosts fish immunity

Yeast found in extreme climates supports farmed seabream growth and immune responses with a disease challenge, say researchers.  

USDA offers over $150m for agricultural and feed research

A USDA grant program is offering $150.2m in funding to support foundational research in agriculture, says program leader. 

Chinese poultry market on Evonik's radar

Evonik is to introduce its recently developed poultry probiotic product to the Chinese market.

Probiotic startup looks to expand presence in production animals

Custom probiotic company Pure Cultures is looking to expand its animal range and research, says co-founder.

Irish precision player zooming in on targets in the feed space

Innovative encapsulation developer, AnaBio Technologies, says it is starting to gain traction in the animal feed sector. 

Gaps remain in US oversight of antibiotic use in production animals

More oversight is needed to track the use, in feed or other methods, of medically important antibiotics in production animals says the US Government Accountability Office (GAO).

Kemin acquires Algal Scientific's beta glucan technology

Kemin Industries is looking to grow its antibiotic alternative portfolio with the purchase. 

Understanding mode of action of antibiotic resistance

Biomin wants to gain greater insight into how replacement of in-feed antibiotics by certain feed additives can reduce the presence of antibiotic resistance genes.

VIV Asia 2017 Preview

Lallemand to address aqua feed costs, formulation challenges in Bangkok

Lallemand is flagging up the benefits of using yeast derivatives, probiotics, and antioxidants in fish and shrimp nutrition at an aquaculture focused conference tomorrow ahead of the VIV Asia trade...

Should producers hike zinc levels in high producing dairy cows?

There are productivity and economic impacts from formulating with quality trace mineral sources at the appropriate levels, says Zinpro.

Launch set for VIV Asia

Biomin chasing EU zootechnical registration for new phytogenic product

Biomin is in the process of compiling dossiers in its application for an EU registration, based on performance parameters, for its new phytogenic product targeted at piglets and broilers.

Nutreco challenge: Cheap edible aquaculture vaccines take top spot

Ireland based start-up, MicroSynbiotiX, is the winner of the final of the Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge event.

Antibiotic free chicken production: Tyson Foods shifts up a gear

Tyson Foods is set to switch its retail line of company-branded chicken products to birds raised without any antibiotics.

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