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Early Animal Nutrition

Early Animal Nutrition

The feed industry and livestock producers are recognizing the importance of feeding their animals an optimum nutrient supply in the first few weeks of life in order to get productivity gains throughout that animal’s lifetime.

Research shows enzymes improve energy release for broilers

A study shows broilers fed a diet with a reduction in apparent metabolizable energy, N- corrected, and supplemented with amylase and xylanase, in the starter phase, had improved performance. ...

Nutreco challenge – which feed innovations have made the grade?

Dutch feed group, Nutreco, said it has selected 10 finalists for the closing phase of its Feed Tech Challenge event this month in the Netherlands. 

Nukamel in piglet feed collaboration with ASN

Piglet production in Latin America is the target segment of a new European feed ingredient alliance. 

Special Edition: Ruminant Nutrition

Dairy calf diets: what is the impact of nutrition on gene expression, what type of fatty acids should be used?

Feeding a starter feed high in fat may help to attenuate the slump in growth at weaning in calves raised on intensive feeding programs, says an IRTA researcher.

Special Edition: Ruminant Nutrition

Enhanced nutrition post-weaning brings earlier heifer puberty

Supplemental nutrition in the post-weaning stage may offer producers a way to hasten puberty in beef heifers, say researchers.

Fungi-treated soy protein may outperform soybean meal in calf starter pellets

In starter pellets, less microbially enhanced soy protein maintains calf growth performance and weight gain compared to soybean meal and may require less feed, say researchers. 

Serum protein supplements may support calf survival, performance

Serum protein use in stressed calf diets may boost growth and feed intake while supporting health, says researcher. 

Dispatches from EuroTier 2016

Sow diets on Trouw Nutrition’s radar

Trouw Nutrition’s LifeStart swine team is increasingly focused on sow nutrition and the role that plays in preparing the piglet for future challenges.

Volatile fatty acids boosts calf growth, rumen development

Calves getting 2-methylbutyrate see improved rumen development and boosted growth, say researchers. 

‘Study underscores role of probiotics on rumen development’

Probiotics could be used as a nutritional tool to optimize rumen microbial establishment, says Lallemand Animal Nutrition researcher.

Additional lysine helps boost production and feed efficiency in turkeys

Feeding more lysine supports overall turkey production, and new levels may be needed for young birds, say researchers. 

Supplemental solids boost dairy heifer early growth

Adding solids to liquid feed improved performance and development for dairy heifers both pre- and post-weaning, say researchers.  

Special Edition: pig and poultry feed trends

AFIA recognizes US researcher for swine nutrition work

Many questions remain and further investigation is warranted to understand mineral use in young pigs and sows, says swine nutrition researcher.

Provimi team evaluates optimum level of milk replacer for calf growth and digestive development

Moderate milk replacer levels may boost growth and digestion in calves, says US researcher.

Solid feed ratio, antibiotic reduction and export push: the veal market is undergoing change

China and the US could provide new export markets for EU veal production, says a FEFAC committee.

Corn preservation method alters growth performance in pigs, finds Chinese study

Pigs getting a diet with organic-acid preserved corn have higher feed intake and boosted performance, say researchers.

Isotonic supplement seeks to boost piglet weaning weight, gut health

Tonisity says an isotonic supplement it has developed can boost hydration, weight gain and manage stress in piglets.

Dutch group releases 2015 financial data

Animal and fish feed business robust but Norwegian salmon feed market still challenging: Nutreco

Nutreco’s salmon feed business performed strongly last year but the Dutch group decried overcapacity in the main Norwegian market as it released its financial results for 2015.

Manna Pro recalls chicken starter feed

Manna Pro has announced a recall for a specific selection of its Chick Started Medicated product.

Dairy calves: Nutreco tries to decode higher nutrient intake response

Nutreco's Trouw Nutrition is relying on metabolic profiling and gene expression studies to examine the mode of action of its early calf feeding approach, LifeStart.

Animal feed and nutritional research gets millions in USDA funding

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) is supporting the exploration of enhanced animal nutrition with $6.6m in research grants.

Purina swine feed program focuses on lifecycle, not stages

A new program from Purina Animal Nutrition aims to offer swine feed that develops with different stages of pig production, from wean to finish.

Should oilseed supplements be avoided in late-gestation dairy cattle diets?

Oilseed supplementation of dairy cattle diets may have negative effects during the late-gestational period.

Can neotame boost swine feed intake?

Low-calorie sweetener use may prompt greater feed intake and growth rate for weaned pigs.

Essential oils, diet may boost piglet growth, gut health

Use of essential oils and nutrient density may improve piglet growth and health absent antibiotics for growth promotion.

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