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Early Animal Nutrition

Early Animal Nutrition

The feed industry and livestock producers are recognizing the importance of feeding their animals an optimum nutrient supply in the first few weeks of life in order to get productivity gains throughout that animal’s lifetime.

Study shows higher protein levels in sow diets benefits litter

A study showed that increasing crude protein in sows’ diets to 135 g/kg feed or 850 g/d improved litter average daily gain (ADG) by increasing milk yield and protein output...

Is tree bark the remedy for diarrhea in calves?

A botanical extract may improve calf hydration and limit diarrhea, says researcher. 

USDA grant funds project exploring nutrient restriction in cows, calves

A research grant focused on cow diets seeks to explore the role dam nutrition plays in calf development, before and after birth, says researcher.

Supplemental leucine explored for role in neonatal calf development

USDA is funding research to explore ways to improve performance of neonatal calves.

Barley and corn silage may offer performance boost to young calves

Barley and corn silage in diets may offer pre-weaning production boost to calves, say researchers in study.

What factor does waste milk play for antibiotic resistance in calves?

Feeding of waste milk may be one factor increasing the amount of bacteria resistant to antibiotics in dairy calf guts, say researchers.

Ground feed supplemented with hay may offer cheap, strong start to dairy calves

Offering a ground feed with alfalfa hay may support calf intake, digestion and rumen development for young calves, say researchers.

Skretting to scale up its shrimp feed production in Ecuador

Skretting, part of Nutreco, has reported that plans are underway to construct a new shrimp feed production plant in Ecuador.

Benchmark investing in probiotic technology, next generation larval diets

Aquaculture focused biotech company, Benchmark Holdings PLC, is showing strong organic growth, and investing, on the nutrition side, in probiotic technology, and replacement diets for juvenile shrimp production. 

US: Bell and Evans hatchery focuses on offering feed earlier

A new hatchery being opened by Bell and Evans aims to offer newly hatched chicks pelleted feed immediately post-hatch, says company president.

Do young pigs need more help digesting soy-based feeds?

Supplemental enzymes and multicarbohydrase may improve weaned pigs digestion of crude protein from soy-based feed ingredients, however current digestibility values may be miscalculated, say researchers.

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Weaning time, plasma use, supplements and on: a look at trends in early animal nutrition

Recent work to address or improve the nutrition of young animals, from just hatched birds to calves facing weaning challenges includes a look at feed palatability, pre-weaning supplements and maternal...

Special Edition: Early Animal Nutrition

Palatability of piglet diets on Trouw Nutrition's radar

Nutreco's Trouw Nutrition has been running validation trials on the hydroxy based trace minerals – branded as Selko IntelliBond - it acquired when it bought US business, Micronutrients, at the...

Special Edition: Early Animal Nutrition

Role of pre-weaning supplements for pigs highlighted in Alltech Young Scientist competition

The regional finalist for Alltech’s Young Scientist competition from Europe has focused her agricultural research on ways to improve the performance of pre-weaned piglets.

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Maternal supplementation with methionine shows benefit for neonatal calf development: study

A cow’s prenatal diet offers the opportunity for “nutritional programing” in the calf, say researchers.

Special Edition: Early Animal Nutrition

Novus investigates optimizing sow diets for piglet growth

A Novus International roundtable on swine nutrition pointed to ongoing challenges in swine production and areas where research could improve piglet growth and development.

Probiotic startup looks to expand presence in production animals

Custom probiotic company Pure Cultures is looking to expand its animal range and research, says co-founder.

Cargill tweaking sow diets to boost piglet livability

Cargill has been looking at how to improve sow unit efficiency in order to boost piglet survival.

Research shows enzymes improve energy release for broilers

A study shows broilers fed a diet with a reduction in apparent metabolizable energy, N- corrected, and supplemented with amylase and xylanase, in the starter phase, had improved performance. ...

Nutreco challenge – which feed innovations have made the grade?

Dutch feed group, Nutreco, said it has selected 10 finalists for the closing phase of its Feed Tech Challenge event this month in the Netherlands. 

Nukamel in piglet feed collaboration with ASN

Piglet production in Latin America is the target segment of a new European feed ingredient alliance. 

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Dairy calf diets: what is the impact of nutrition on gene expression, what type of fatty acids should be used?

Feeding a starter feed high in fat may help to attenuate the slump in growth at weaning in calves raised on intensive feeding programs, says an IRTA researcher.

Special Edition: Ruminant Nutrition

Enhanced nutrition post-weaning brings earlier heifer puberty

Supplemental nutrition in the post-weaning stage may offer producers a way to hasten puberty in beef heifers, say researchers.

Fungi-treated soy protein may outperform soybean meal in calf starter pellets

In starter pellets, less microbially enhanced soy protein maintains calf growth performance and weight gain compared to soybean meal and may require less feed, say researchers. 

Serum protein supplements may support calf survival, performance

Serum protein use in stressed calf diets may boost growth and feed intake while supporting health, says researcher. 

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