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A debate has been taking place in the past few years over the feasibility of retaining GM free soy policies in poultry production in some markets in Europe due to the cost associated with the premium attached to such sourcing and concerns over contamination from GM soy in GM free soy shipments.

There is also a significant amount of research being carried out globally weighing up whether GM feed is safe and nutritionally equivalent to non-GM feed.

TechAccel wants to 'de-risk' agricultural, animal nutrition and health technologies

The Kansas-headquartered company seeks to collaborate with start-ups or support development of a university project to the stage where it would be commercially viable.

Montana Specialty Mills starts work on $20m facility

Montana Specialty Mills is starting work on a new processing facility geared to provide non-GMO and organic feed ingredients, says company president.

AFIA weighs in on classification debate over animals consuming biotech feed

AFIA was among those to suggest how to specify that biotech animal feed ingredients do not make animal products biotech in response to USDA questions on the subject.

Continued growth in non-GM milk, poultry in Germany

The turnover of food products within the dairy, poultry and egg categories certified against a government backed non-GM food label in Germany is forecast to reach €4.4bn in 2017.

60-second interview: challenges in verifying a non-GMO feed supply chain

Andy Green, sustainability expert at Cert ID Europe, part of the Group ID group, wants to keep a lid on the costs of non-GM verification. We caught up with him to...

Despite legislative pressure, US GM feed trade 'still strong' with Dominican Republic

Although last year saw potential concerns about the import of GMO feed and feed ingredients from the US, use continues to be strong in the Dominican Republic, says analyst. 

US Senators: We need faster GM approval process by China

Several US Senators have called on the Obama administration to make the approval process for GM products a focus in upcoming trade talks with China.

US: yogurt maker Dannon faces pushback on move to non-GMO feed

US farmers’ groups and feed crop growers are criticizing Dannon for its move away from biotech crops, while the company maintains the decision offers more options for consumers.

More egg brands switching to GM free soy from Danube region

Laying hens are proving to be the point of entry sector for inclusion of the Europe grown GM free Danube Soya, says the association behind the program.

US dairy Clover Stornetta Farms seeks to lead on non-GMO feed use

Clover Stornetta Farms is committing to produce its milk and dairy products without using biotech feed ingredients.

USDA's FSIS offers guidance on labeling non-GMO feed products

Animal producers have a new guidance to label animal products from production systems not using GMO feed or feed ingredients.

Wheat, feed wheat exports from the US to continue after GMO scare for Korea, Japan

Wheat exports to Korea have resumed after testing confirmed an absence of biotech wheat in supplies from the US.

Data shows European soy production is expanding

The soy cultivation area in Europe is projected to grow 4.4% to 4.3 million hectares compared to 2015, according to the latest market data.

Yogurt producer Dannon looks to establish US non-GMO feed supply

Dannon has set 2018 as a deadline to establish GMO-free feed sources for its farmers' dairy cattle.

US feed orgs celebrate federal GMO-labeling bill passage

Feed organizations were quick to offer support after the US House of Representatives passed a federal bill addressing labeling GMO products and preempting a state-level law.

Lidl goes GM free with own label fresh milk

Discounter, Lidl, says it is leading the charge in the private label shift to GM free milk in Germany.

US GMO labeling bill gathers momentum for vote

A federal bill addressing the labeling of GMO products and ingredients has been moving forward in the US Senate, with a vote hoped for this week.

US: Feed orgs, growers unite behind new GMO labeling bill

Several US feed organizations and grower groups were quick to support a Senate compromise bill to address GMO labeling.

Time running out for a federal GMO bill, warns US feed industry

Feed organizations and producer groups are calling on the US government to pass a federal GMO labeling compromise before a Vermont law takes effect.

Bunge adds non-GMO feed product to portfolio

Bunge North America has launched a certified non-GM corn feed with plans to scale up production in the fall, say executives.

Arla ready to capitalize on what it sees as a major trend in dairy

What are the benefits to EU dairy farmers of a switch to GM free feed?

Dairy company, Arla Foods, says it only has ambitions, at this stage, that more of its farmers will convert to GM free feed based on the increasing market willingness to...

USDA's management of GMO crops reviewed

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has been offered several suggestions on how to better gauge and understand the economic effects of unintended mixing between biotech and other feed crops.

Viptera case: Syngenta counterclaims against Cargill, ADM dismissed

A US District Court judge has approved a joint motion to dismiss counterclaims and third-party complaints against Cargill, Rail Transfer Inc and Archer Daniels Midland Company.

US soybean producers disappointed with GMO bill failure

Legislation regarding the labeling of biotech products saw support from feed producers and growers, but it failed to pass the US Senate.

US feed groups, growers applaud as GMO labeling bill moves into Senate

Several US feed grower and producer groups are supporting the initial process of a voluntary, federal labeling plan for products that have or include bioengineered traits.

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