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Gut Health

Gut Health

Both industry and academia have been actively involved in research around gut health, exploring how the full gamut of additives from essential oils, to pre and probiotics to plant extracts address the microbial population in the animal's gut in an effort to end the livestock sector’s reliance on antibiotics.

US: Center awarded $3.8m for animal and human nutrition R&D

A research partnership established by two South Dakota universities and industry members focuses on animal nutrition, health and regional economic development, says director.  

Benchmark investing in probiotic technology, next generation larval diets

Aquaculture focused biotech company, Benchmark Holdings PLC, is showing strong organic growth, and investing, on the nutrition side, in probiotic technology, and replacement diets for juvenile shrimp production. 

ADM forms specialty feed ingredient arrangement with Anco

Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) is set to offer more specialty feed ingredients through a “strategic collaboration” with Anco, says VP.

Perstorp brings out new organic acid for feed

The Perstorp Group has launched a feed material - branded as ProPhorce Valerins - based on glycerol esters of valeric acid and said to promote animal performance.

'Imagine being able to edit the microbiome' - TechAccel talks animal nutrition targeted innovation

Investing in feed technology and animal nutrition starts with knowing what producers need, says company executive.

Novozymes and Boehringer Ingelheim in probiotic partnership

Novozymes and Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health are set to collaborate on probiotic research and production in the coming years, says company VP.

Special edition: Supplements for pets

Some vets not sold on routine supplementation for pets

People love their pets. And they can love them to death, animal nutrition experts say.

Further funding for aquaculture in Scotland as feed innovation projects gather pace

A £1m 30-month pilot program to boost innovation in aquaculture in Scotland is set to go ahead.

Evonik’s Asian strategy: We will build on what Norel established

Evonik says it is aiming to expand its probiotics portfolio in Asia with Ecobiol, using VIV Asia as a platform.

New capacity in Norway, Turkey and China to drive growth: BioMar

The Danish fish feed maker today said its 2016 revenue ended up 1.2% lower than in 2015 - DDK 8.8bn ($1.26bn) versus DDK 8.9bn, with a modest increase in volumes.

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What do vitamin D and host defense peptides have to do with poultry gut health?

Few in the scientific community are looking at how various vitamin D metabolites are influencing the expression of host defense peptides (HDPs) in the gut, but its a potentially winning...

Reports from IPPE

Novus assessing link between maternal nutrition and gene expression in the chick

On-going Novus gut health research in poultry includes a focus on breeder feed and trace mineral load, says researcher director. 

Reviewers weigh up the successes and pitfalls of nano feed in poultry

Delivering essential nutrients using nanoparticles shows promise for poultry health and growth, finds new research from Australia.

Dairy Crest in prebiotic feed trial alliance with DuPont

A prebiotic used in infant formula could have benefits for animal gut health, says a UK group behind the functional ingredient.

Will dairy cows eat their hydroponic sprouts?

US researchers are evaluating the impact of integrating hydroponic feeds, such as sprouted barley, into the diets of dairy heifers and lactating cows.

Dispatches from EuroTier 2016

ADM continues to build case for yeast and immune defense

ADM Animal Nutrition says it is investing in R&D to strengthen the use of its well-established whole cell yeast product, Citristim, in aquaculture, while it continues to shore up its...

Dispatches from EuroTier 2016

Italian firm exploiting immune boosting yeast extracts for pigs and fish

Italian company Prosol launched two yeast products aimed at supporting the immune system of piglets, sows and fish at EuroTier 2016.

Dispatches from EuroTier 2016

Devenish rolls out fatty acid ball for piglets

A new type of nutrient supply model, in ball form, is said to improve feed intake and pre-weaning weight gain in piglets, as well as supporting healthy gut development.

Danish group invests in aqua feed research facility in Chile

BioMar looks to bolster expertise in functional fish feeds

BioMar is to acquire 30% of a feed research center in Chile, in a move the Danish fish feed company says will allow it to focus on the development on...

Novozymes buys microbe screening technology to bolster probiotic work

Novozymes says the acquisition of Organobalance will enable it to strengthen its animal feed R&D competencies, particularly in the field of probiotics.

What does heat stress mean for tilapia’s copper needs?

No additional copper supplementation is needed for Nile tilapia raised in heat stress conditions, say researchers.

Special Edition: pig and poultry feed trends

Feed additive may help birds weather the heat

Additive N-acetylcysteine may boost growth performance and gut function in broilers faced with heat stress, say researchers.

Special Edition: Pig and Poultry Feed Trends

Does beta-mannanase use really improve soybean feed for poultry?

Beta-mannanase may not boost digestibility of soybean meal in poultry diets, say researchers.

Special Edition: Gut Health

Cargill aiming to model the effect of antibiotics

What is the current strategy of Cargill Animal Nutrition (CAN) in terms of boosting animal immune development, disease resistance and performance?

Special Edition: Gut Health

Calf intestinal health linked to long-term performance

Calf gut health research needs to be part of a larger understanding of calf development, not an isolated study, as it can have lasting influence, say calf researchers.

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