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Farming insects for animal feed could potentially use less land and water than conventional feed crops such as soya and grain and, importantly, help with food waste management. Regulatory change, however, is required in most markets before insect derived feedstuffs become a reality.

Engineering deal ushers in insect meal factory builds in Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and the US

South Africa’s AgriProtein is collaborating with engineering group, Christof Industries, to build up to 25 cost-efficient, high-volume fly farms a year in global locations.

'The industrial scale will be in the many 10s of thousands of tons per annum'

Bühler and Protix align for 'breakthrough' in large scale insect production

Protix and Bühler have joined forces to develop "cost-effective, industrial scale" insect feed production technology.

Investors back French insect feed start-up to the tune of €1.3m

Paris headquartered, nextProtein, says it is ready to scale up production at its new expanded operations this year, after generating €1.3m in fundraising.

US: Mad Agriculture seeking FDA approval for poultry targeted insect meal

Mad Agriculture is working to produce insect-based feed and reduce the need for fishmeal in animal diets, says CEO.

French insect protein producer scaling up

60 second interview: InnovaFeed bitten by the bug

August saw French insect protein producer, InnovaFeed, set up R&D laboratories at Genopole in Evry, a hub near Paris focused on biotech, genomics and genetics research.

Investors give South African insect feed firm massive dollar injection

South African insect derived feed producer, AgriProtein, has generated USD$17.5m in capital to fund expansion into Europe, North and South America and Asia.

US: Bitwater Farms looks to develop cricket derived feed industry

Bitwater Farms is developing cricket production units with the goal of expanding cricket production and use in the US feed industry.

Barentz acquires feed vitamin and amino acid distributor

Dutch group, Barentz, says its animal nutrition portfolio has been strengthened through the acquisition of the majority shares in feed additives trader and distributor, Globe Ingredients.

Special Edition: Existing and emerging feed risks

DDGS: US Grains Council strives to keep Vietnamese market open

The US and Vietnam are in talks following threats to suspend DDGS imports, says industry expert.

Georgia-based start-up looks to bring more bugs to aquafeed

Grubbly Farms is in the process of scaling production of a bug-based feed ingredient for salmon and trout, but for the moment, the company is bringing more insects to poultry...

Arctic Char can be a sustainable alternative to salmon: investors

Sustainable aquaculture investors, Aqua-Spark, have ploughed $2.5m into an Icelandic fish farm that raises Arctic Char fed an antibiotic-free diet. 

Enterra gets Canadian regulatory backing for insect larvae in chicken feed

Canada’s Enterra Feed Corporation has received regulatory approval for use of its whole dried Black Soldier Fly (BSF) larvae as a feed ingredient for poultry broilers.

ForFarmers explores potential for mycotoxin, heavy metal accumulation in insect meal

Dutch compound feed and premix manufacturer, ForFarmers, is continuing its extensive research into the use of insect protein in feed, this time looking at the safety aspects of feedstocks for...

Special Edition: Aqua feed advances

EU: Insect protein use in aqua feed likely within 12 months, says industry insider

DG Santé, the European Commission's Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety, is currently reviewing legislation to allow insect derived meal to be included in the diets of farmed fish, according to the IPIFF....

Results of insect meal fish, pig and poultry feeding trials released

PROteINSECT: 'The process towards adoption of insect protein in feed (in the EU) is already underway'

Researchers, publishing the findings of extensive feeding trials with insect derived meal today, called for a review of insect protein legislation in the EU and funding to help address its...

Special Edition: Environmentally friendly feed sector initiatives

Dutch team aims to make algae, insect larvae processing more cost effective for use in feed

Identifying sustainable feed ingredients for the European feed manufacturing sector is a priority for Netherlands based feed sector orientated research and education center, the Feed Design Lab.

US: Intervention attempt from feed crop growers in neonicotinoid-treated seed lawsuit

Feed crop growers support the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) current regulation on neonicotinoid-treated seed use.

Poll shows EU consumers have high acceptance of insect derived protein in feed

Three quarters of EU-wide consumers polled would be “comfortable” eating livestock fed on insect protein, says the organization behind the survey - the €3m EU funds backed insect to feed...

IPIFF says EFSA conclusions pave the way for regulatory changes

'An important stepping stone in furthering our understanding of the potential of insects as a protein source' - long awaited EFSA opinion out

EFSA has recommended further research to better assess the microbiological and chemical risks arising from the use of insects as food and feed, given the “uncertainties" identified in its long awaited...

Dispatches from the 10th Annual Oilseed and Grain Trade Summit, Minneapolis

Regulation, disease management mark areas for aquaculture improvement

Disease management and regulation mark two major challenges to growth in the aquaculture industry, industry officials say.

EFSA insect protein safety assessment imminent

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is set to publish its risk assessment about the safety of insects for food and feed mid-October.

Insect meal may offer sustainable, AA-rich poultry feed

Two insect-based poultry feeds may offer digestible amino acids and be sources of metabolizable energy, researchers say.

EU report provides more ammo for insect feed case

 A new report published by PROteINSECT sets out the evidence for the introduction of insect protein into animal feed in Europe. 

GM proposal also gets official release

PAPs, nitrites, insect feed and mycotoxins: Commission reveals feed legislation roadmap

What is the EU regulatory timeline looking like around the use of processed animal protein (PAP) in poultry and pig feed? We reveal that and more after catching up with...

UK team shows insect feed comparable to fishmeal

Insect derived protein meal has a similar amino acid profile to fishmeal and can be used in broiler diets with no effect on weight gain or FCR, found a UK...

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