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The livestock sector is under particular pressure to assess, improve and communicate on its environmental performance, while coping with the increasing demand for animal protein. Certain feed additives are being evaluated for their potential to improve the ecological profile of pig, poultry and cattle rearing. And precision livestock feeding -making the most of finite resources– is another key sustainability trend.

Sustainability group seeks to mobilise Asian shrimp industry

New protocols aim to reform shrimp aquaculture, address feed ingredient use, says consultant.

F3 Fish-Free Feed Challenge: US team stresses ecological focus of contest

An ongoing international aquaculture feed competition is supporting new ideas for feed formulation and may help improve the long term sustainability of the aquaculture industry, says a US participant.  

Investors back KnipBio's alternative fish feed protein

A new funding round offers support to alternative fish feed protein development and commercialization efforts, says KnipBio CEO.

Alltech algae feed supplements find Canadian approval

Alltech’s algae-based DHA supplements for terrestrial production animals see approval for use in Canada.

‘Nutritional programming key to optimal use of marine ingredients in EU aquaculture’

A five-year EU project has concluded European farmed fish species will still hit nutrition and growth targets with only minimal levels of fishmeal and fish oil in diets based on...

Danish environmental impact study behind EMA decision on zinc oxide

New research prompted the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to revise its previous assessments on zinc oxide risk.

Outlook 2017

60 second interview: 'Consolidation trend a real opportunity for both the industry and Cargill'

The integration of EWOS, antimicrobial resistance, and talent development: Cargill feed executive looks back and forward

Outlook 2017

How will the next 12 months play out for the US feed sector?

A US grain commodity analyst sees what is in store, and US feed trade groups weigh up what is likely to unfold in terms of regulatory changes, and interactions with...

Pledge seen as ‘breakthrough’ for seafood industry sustainability

Eight CEOs of the leading seafood companies globally, in both wild capture and aquaculture, along with fish feed players have signed a major ocean sustainability pledge.

International teams picked for fish-free feed competition

Eight competitors have been selected to move forward in a fish feed challenge aimed at reducing dependence on fish meal and fish oil in aquaculture. 

Gas to feed protein: Cargill and Calysta reveal US plant location

Cargill’s corn oil production site in Memphis, Tennessee will be the location of the first commercial scale facility for manufacture of Calysta’s gas to feed protein, FeedKind.

Finnish model envisages pig farmers making protein feed from manure

Researchers are looking to generate protein for animal feed from biogas production sited on pig farms, reducing dependency on imported proteins like soy.

Dispatches from EuroTier 2016

How is Coppens reducing the fish in, fish out ratio?

At EuroTier 2016, we hear about innovation at fish feed producer, Coppens, five months after global nutrition company, Alltech, acquired it. 

Dispatches from World Nutrition Forum

What makes a more feed efficient dairy cow?

Cows with reduced maintenance needs and better energy efficiency may eventually lead to less feed use in the dairy industry, says researcher. 

Researchers track climate change risk to feed crops, animal production in US

Soil and water management top mitigation plans for US farmers to address climate change risk, says expert.

Dispatches from EuroTier 2016

ForFarmers: 'High level of correlation between market share and profitability'

ForFarmers reported the pressure on the Dutch dairy sector to meet phosphate emission levels could see a significant reduction in herd sizes next year, but such a development is expected...

What can fish protein hydrolysate offer farmed turbot?

Up to 10% of fishmeal can be replaced in a high plant protein diet and still support turbot growth, say researchers. 

Extreme weather events signal need for information, agile feed crop agriculture

A warmer and wetter atmosphere means more, and potentially localized, extreme weather events causing feed crop producers to want more data to be increasingly responsive, says expert.

Trump wins: tell us what this result means for the feed industry

Property mogul, Donald Trump, has been elected the 45th president of the US, in a shock election victory over Democratic party candidate Hillary Clinton.

Torula yeast can replace up to 60% of fish meal in shrimp diets: study

Torula yeast may support farmed shrimp growth and survival when replacing portions of fishmeal in the diet, say researchers. 

Cargill working on plant-based omega-3 for aquaculture sector

Cargill says it is developing omega-3 fatty acids from canola plants to realize a sustainable form of DHA and EPA and reduce reliance on fishmeal and fish oil. 

US: Investors back forage and soil quality focused firm

Wisconsin based Midwestern BioAg has generated $21.3 in a capital round from non-agricultural investors.

Call for more agricultural, feed research with a productivity focus

More feed and crop research is needed to improve the total productivity and sustainability of animal agriculture in the face of future challenges, said experts. 

Turning palm fronds into feed pellets in the US

Livestock producers in Arizona are the target of a ‘trash to treasure’ palm-based feed as Palm Silage sets up production facilities in the state.

'There is no market demand for sustainable palm oil use in feed' - Nevedi

Dutch feed makers await briefing on sustainable palm oil sourcing

Feed manufacturers in the Netherlands will have to cover their domestic palm oil footprint individually from next year.