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The livestock sector is under particular pressure to assess, improve and communicate on its environmental performance, while coping with the increasing demand for animal protein. Certain feed additives are being evaluated for their potential to improve the ecological profile of pig, poultry and cattle rearing. And precision livestock feeding -making the most of finite resources– is another key sustainability trend.

‘Nutrient levels are critical when designing a broodstock feed’ - BioMar

BioMar has launched a newly developed broodstock feed for tilapia and African catfish on the African market.

Neovia urges industry partners to make Farm of the Future project a reality

French nutrition group, Neovia, is calling on feed companies and other agriculture partners to involve themselves in its Farm of the Future project, as it looks to develop a new...

FrieslandCampina looks to bolster dairy production in Asia and Africa

Educating African and Asian farmers to improve milk production can take 20 years, says FrieslandCampina executive who runs a farmers’ training initiative

New report again ‘casts doubt’ on sustainability pledges of Cargill and Bunge

Cargill and Bunge stress they are focused on ending deforestation in their supply chains, as a report decries continued land clearing in the Brazilian Cerrado and the Bolivian Amazon allegedly...

Fish feed tech company leveraging Alltech accelerator for guidance

The feed technology company eFishery is using the mentoring offered by Alltech’s accelerator program to support and expand its work, says company COO.

Microalgae strain offers promise for aquaculture production

Fresh-water microalgae strain offers digestible, quick-growing omega-3 rich aqua feed option, say researchers.

Stable fishmeal prices forecast, alternative protein players could face choppy waters

Fishmeal prices have softened and look like they are going to stay at that level for the mid-term, a trend that could weigh heavily on the fortunes of many an...

'Imagine being able to edit the microbiome' - TechAccel talks animal nutrition targeted innovation

Investing in feed technology and animal nutrition starts with knowing what producers need, says company executive.

Dutch feed group releases trading update

Concerns about Brexit bearing down on UK agri business: ForFarmers

ForFarmers says the market circumstances in the UK remain challenging in the short term. 

Fish, poultry and pig producers can now test novel gas to feed protein

California based biotechnology company, Calysta, says it has produced sufficient quantity of its novel protein, FeedKind, to be able to ship samples for testing worldwide.

US researchers test high fiber forage in dairy cattle

High-preforming dairy cattle saw milk production remain consistent when teff hay replaced alfalfa and corn silage in feed, says researcher.

KMP buys out fish oil interests of Marvesa

German feed ingredients distributor, Köster Marine Proteins (KMP) has acquired 100% of the fish oil business of the Dutch distributor and trader, Marvesa.

In drought conditions, cactus feed supports cattle production

Spineless cactus maintains cattle performance when included in feed as a partial forage replacement, say researchers. 

Asian investors participate in a new Series D funding round for Calysta's protein, $40m generated

US methane-to-protein facility takes step closer to production

NouriTech, along with lead investors Calysta and Cargill, broke ground on the new, 37-acre facility last week.  

Camelina oil gets greenlight as fish oil replacement in Canadian aquafeed

Canadian salmon and trout farmers are soon to have a new ingredient for making their fish feeds – mechanically-extracted camelina oil. 

Algae-based DHA offers Chilean salmon producer way to boost sustainability

Salmon producer, Ventisqueros, is demonstrating the sustainability bump from using AlgaPrime DHA in the diets of farmed salmon.

Regulatory clearance for non-GMO Canadian protein meal

Agrisoma Biosciences has gained approval to commercialize carinata as a non-GMO protein meal for beef cattle feed in the US, says CEO.

Special Edition: Protein Alternatives

Seaweed may offer promise as novel protein source

Dutch researchers are weighing up the benefits of seaweed, grass, and microalgae as novel protein sources as well as analyzing the impact of increasing the content of synthetic amino acids...

Special Edition: Protein Alternatives

From pest to feed? US researcher assesses housefly larva for feed potential

Housefly larva may offer a sustainable alternative protein ingredient for aquaculture or animal feed, and present a nutritional profile similar to fishmeal, says researcher.

Greening the animal feed sector: carbon footprint database development

A project to benchmark the environmental impact of feed, under the Global Feed LCA Institute (GFLI) initiative, is gathering steam.

New climate data assessment tools for US grain farmers

A university-led team has developed a set of tools to make climate data and information more accessible and useful to feed producers, says manager.

Special Edition: Protein Alternatives

US researchers turn to insect use for shrimp

Black solider fly larva meal may support growth and production of farmed shrimp, if used as a partial fishmeal replacement, says researcher.  

Special Edition: Alternative Proteins

Bacterial single cell protein shows benefits in salmon, shrimp diets: study

A single cell protein from bacterium Methylobacterium extorquens show similar digestion and supported growth for farmed salmon and shrimp when replacing fishmeal, says researcher. 

Special Edition: Protein Alternatives

Balance sheet will enable clued-up debate around EU protein supply: FEFAC

The Commission has published an overview of protein crops used for feed purposes in the EU.

Feeding tuna 'holy grail' for Illinois Soybean Association

Farm raised tuna see improved feed conversion, survival on diets with plant-based proteins, says Illinois Soybean Association.

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