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The livestock sector is under particular pressure to assess, improve and communicate on its environmental performance, while coping with the increasing demand for animal protein. Certain feed additives are being evaluated for their potential to improve the ecological profile of pig, poultry and cattle rearing. And precision livestock feeding -making the most of finite resources– is another key sustainability trend.

Dispatches from SPACE 2017

Sanders Euralis looks to develop a French soybean chain

Sanders, the animal feed business of French agri group, Avril, in conjunction with the cooperative, Euralis, are backing French protein production through the opening of a soybean crushing facility in...

Prize on offer to company selling fish-free “fish oil”

An upcoming fish oil challenge aims to support and reward sales of fish feeds with no fish oil. 

Special Edition: Middle East and African Feed Developments

New Olam feed and protein business aimed at boosting food security in Nigeria

Last week saw Olam International inaugurate its new poultry feed mill, hatchery and poultry farm in Kaduna State and its new integrated poultry and fish feed mill at Ilorin in...

Special Edition: Middle East and African Feed Developments

Feed protein player Unibio evaluates West African deal

Denmark’s Unibio is evaluating a joint venture (JV) on methane gas to feed protein production in Nigeria.

Call to action: Project aims to shift edible fats and oils onto sustainable footing

Volac, which among other activities, runs a global animal feed fats business with Wilmar, wants to help shape the future of edible fats and oils, such as those derived from...

News in brief

Dutch feed group to lend expertise to African, Asian and Latin American farmers

ForFarmers has announced it is to collaborate with Agriterra to help professionalize farmers' organizations and cooperatives in emerging markets. 

Irish pig feed player invests to meet Brexit challenges head-on

The Brett Group, an Irish integrated multinational pork and bacon processor with annual revenues of €100m, is striving for greater production efficiency, particularly in feed milling, to mitigate against Brexit...

Campaigners want US to rethink biofuel feedstocks

Factors such as direct and indirect land use conversion, higher feed prices and environmental damage are prompting US environmental campaigners, Mighty Earth, and others to demand the EPA reconsider and...

Low-cost enzymes may offer digestion boost to tilapia

Soybean meal and low-cost enzymes use may offer boost to tilapia production, though results differ when alternative plant proteins are used, say researchers.

Canada to invest $1.75m in feeding study to reduce GHG, improve cattle production

A multi-facet, multi-year project is set to assess the use of biochar as a feed ingredient for cattle with the aim of reducing methane emissions and improving feed efficiency, says...

Nile tilapia farmed in cold water may see performance boost from added α-linolenic acid

Raising levels of α-linolenic acid in tilapia diets may improve growth, weight gain and feed efficiency in a cold-water environment, say researchers.

USDA awards $467k for work to cut cow GHG emissions, improve diets

Grant-funded feeding trials assess potential methane mitigates and use of additive nitrates and bismuth subsalicylate in high-sulfur cattle feeds, says researcher.

Mathematical models may support cheaper swine feed with no drop in production

Using mathematical models rather than nutrient tables may offer producers a way to support pig growth and development with less financial and environmental costs, say researchers.

Using pre-gelatinized starch in aqua diets may boost tilapia growth, performance

Pre-gelatinized starch may offer a growth boost to fish and improve pellet characteristics, say researchers.

Environmental group draws up feed production roadmap

Cover cropping, protecting soil health and improving waste nutrient management are among suggestions offered in a report that highlights the environmental effect of feed crop production in the US.

US tilapia producer opens $5m aqua feed mill with focus on feed quality

Blue Ridge Aquaculture is integrating its production system with the opening of subsidiary Blue Ridge Aquafeed to generate the feed used for their fish production, says director.

Evonik expects lower methionine volumes in Q3

In its Q2 financial results, Evonik reported good demand and improved market sentiment in its animal nutrition business towards the end of the quarter. 

Canada: new $15.5m facility to study beef cattle nutrition, genetics, health, behavior

A new research center for beef cattle is taking shape in Elora, Ontario and is expected to expand options for research into cow nutrition, genetics, forage use, feedlot systems and...

Meihua Holdings signs amino acids production deal with Ajinomoto

Ajinomoto has entered into an agreement to subcontract the manufacture of feed use amino acids to China’s Meihua Holdings Group. 

USDA spends $15.7m to boost efficiency, profitability and environmental sustainability of livestock production

Nutrient utilization, feed supplement use and feeding strategies are among the topics of research projects funded by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

AquaBounty to start US production at former Bell Fish site

AquaBounty Technologies buys aquaculture facility in Indiana to start land-based production of engineered AquAdvantage salmon.

Special Edition: Sustainable Sourcing

Cert ID looks to help feed firms map sustainability risk in their supply chains

How can feed companies identify sustainability risks within their own supply chains and what are suitable strategies to mitigate or minimize such risks?

Special Edition: Sustainable Sourcing

BioMar piloting a new supplier and raw material evaluation model

Danish fish feed producer, BioMar, is implementing a way of assessing its raw material supply chain that it says will reinforce the sustainability credentials of the ingredients it uses.

ADM steps up its non-GMO soybean crush game in Europe

Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) says it has extended its non-GMO soybean crush capacity in Germany as it sees increasing demand for such meal in Europe.

Agrisoma signs off on UPM deal, expands production of feed and fuel oilseed

Agrisoma Biosciences is expanding plantings, production of the oilseed, carinata, after signing a long-term supply agreement with bio-refinery, UPM.

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