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Special Edition: Asia Pacific Feed Developments

'A lot of companies in Australia look at environmental performance as a USP'

Agri-environmental consultancy, Alltech E-CO2, launches into the Australian market and reveals plans for North American expansion, as part of a strategy to globalize its environmental assessment services for farmers.

Nukamel in piglet feed collaboration with ASN

Piglet production in Latin America is the target segment of a new European feed ingredient alliance. 

Special Edition: Ruminant Nutrition

Feeding cows milk that may contain antibiotic residues - what's the risk?

EFSA says the feeding to calves of colostrum and milk containing residues of antimicrobials that could select for antimicrobial-resistant bacteria should be avoided.

Special Edition: Ruminant Nutrition

Dairy calf diets: what is the impact of nutrition on gene expression, what type of fatty acids should be used?

Feeding a starter feed high in fat may help to attenuate the slump in growth at weaning in calves raised on intensive feeding programs, says an IRTA researcher.

Evonik underlines probiotic ambitions with IPPE launch

Evonik is unveiling its first in-house developed probiotic product at the IPPE trade show in Atlanta this week.

Bacteriophages: an alternative to antibiotics for fish farms?

An EU-funded project led by the Spanish marine environment and food technology center AZTI is close to determining whether bacteriophages could be a viable alternative to antibiotics for destroying pathogens...

Will US farmers be feeding their animals pot anytime soon?

As more states in the US legalize the use of cannabis and cannabis products for recreational use, there has been some discussion about its potential benefits as a feed ingredient.

Coppens launches fish-free trout feed

Seven months on from being acquired by Alltech, Dutch fish feed producer Coppens International has brought to market a new trout feed incorporating its parent company’s DHA-rich algae-derived fish oil...

US: Washington state dairy producers one target of new perennial forage

A Washington State University team is seeking to develop a regionally adapted, perennial forage and grain crop.

US: Poultry production growth spurs Wayne Farms to open $55m feed mill

Wayne Farms is opening a new $55m feed mill to support the company’s poultry production in Alabama. 

US feed sector asks Trump to continue to back trade with Cuba

Feed and agricultural groups are asking the new US administration to support efforts to reduce regulation and improve the trade relationship between the US and Cuba.

Shrimp trial sets stage for insect protein in aquafeed

French insect protein player Ynsect is warming up the aquaculture feed market in advance of next July, with the release of research results that substantiate the growth performance of its...

Ridley investing $50 million AUD in new Tasmanian feed mill

Australian feed producer Ridley is building a new mill in Tasmania to keep pace with “sustained aquaculture production growth” in the region. 

USDA: small drop in corn production, increase in global coarse grain use

US and global feed grain stocks may be in for slight fluctuation for production and price, said the USDA. 

Cargill: animal feed is becoming more relevant for brands

The animal feed industry has a role to play in both feeding the world and meeting consumers’ needs, says Cargill.

Special Edition: Ruminant Nutrition

Limited diets with high DDGs inclusion support growth, nutrient digestion in dairy heifers

Use of high levels of dried distillers grains maintains growth performance and increases digestibility for dairy heifers getting limited rations, says researcher.

EU and Brazilian players act to foster 'more sustainable' soy production and trade

A new “cooperation agreement” sees the setting up, for the first time, of a formal working relationship between Brazilian soy producers and key European soy purchasers.

US ag orgs make case for inclusion on NAFTA negotiation

Multiple US agricultural and feed crop organizations are calling for the new administration to work with them in efforts to renegotiation the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Trump's TPP dump disappoints US feed sector

Trump's decision to extract the US from the TPP has angered feed and grain groups in the US who point to their industries need for international trade.

Sweets for cows? Questions raised as candy feed lands on roadway

The use of candy in feed garners attention in mainstream media after a spill of a load of Skittles, manufactured by Mars Inc, found on a roadside in the US.

Show me the money! Ag tech is pulling in venture capital

The food and agricultural value chain is ripe for transformative change, says a venture capital fund insider. 

What fats offer the best response in salmon diets?

Terrestrial lipids offer similar growth pattern for Atlantic salmon, say researchers.

US farmer mood upbeat post election: survey

US agricultural producers show an increased positive outlook for the future and economy after the election, says economist. 

Soybean production is a national priority for Burkina Faso

French sustainable farming initiative, Fondation Avril, together with AGROPOL, the association responsible for international cooperation and development in the French vegetable oils and proteins sector, have signed an agreement, in...

Does a spoonful of fish feed help the medicine go down?

DNA-supplemented feed may offer an efficient method of mass vaccination for farmed Atlantic salmon facing disease challenges, say researchers.

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