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Animal nutrition, antibiotic use details in 2016 Smithfield Sustainability report

Feed ingredients, antibiotic use and animal housing were all evaluated in work toward sustainability goals, says Smithfield Foods VP.

Special Edition: Early Animal Nutrition

Weaning time, plasma use, supplements and on: a look at trends in early animal nutrition

Recent work to address or improve the nutrition of young animals, from just hatched birds to calves facing weaning challenges includes a look at feed palatability, pre-weaning supplements and maternal...

Signs of confidence return to EU farming landscape, DLG sees renewed willingness of farmers to invest

European farmers are upbeat about business growth over the next 12 months.

Feed industry descends on Lille for conference to debate the future of soy

Stakeholders in the feed industry will be in France this week to attend a two-day conference that will debate the future of the soy industry.

Special Edition: Early Animal Nutrition

Palatability of piglet diets on Trouw Nutrition's radar

Nutreco's Trouw Nutrition has been running validation trials on the hydroxy based trace minerals – branded as Selko IntelliBond - it acquired when it bought US business, Micronutrients, at the...

Precision feeding practices can help EU dairy businesses weather the tough times: Cargill

New technology and the development of precise on farm rationing systems can help European dairy producers protect and improve income over feed cost (IOFC) - a valuable benchmark for farmers...

News in brief

Bacillus subtilis derived additive in sow diets can support piglet growth: EFSA

A Kemin product has the potential to improve piglet growth, finds the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Global grain market snapshot: weather and politics still loom large

The impact of the persistent dryness and the April cold spell remains to be quantified in Europe but it has becoming more evident that the likely recovery in EU wheat...

Special Edition: Early Animal Nutrition

‘Nutrient levels are critical when designing a broodstock feed’ - BioMar

BioMar has launched a newly developed broodstock feed for tilapia and African catfish on the African market.

Neovia urges industry partners to make Farm of the Future project a reality

French nutrition group, Neovia, is calling on feed companies and other agriculture partners to involve themselves in its Farm of the Future project, as it looks to develop a new...

FrieslandCampina looks to bolster dairy production in Asia and Africa

Educating African and Asian farmers to improve milk production can take 20 years, says FrieslandCampina executive who runs a farmers’ training initiative

Reports from One the Alltech Ideas Conference

How can dairy cows be more efficient in utilizing fatty acids?

Different fatty acid ratios boost performance in dairy cattle at separate lactation stages, says student researcher.

Reports from One the Alltech Ideas Conference

Mycotoxins may be an overlooked stressor for antibiotic-free poultry producers

In antibiotic free production, mycotoxin presence may be an overlooked gut health challenge for poultry, says researcher.

Live! One '17 the Alltech Ideas Conference

One goal is to give conference attendees a ‘headache,’ says Alltech founder.

Glencore comes knocking, but Bunge indicates it is not ready to play ball

Bunge says it is not entering into any merger talks with Swiss headquartered Glencore.

Philippines: Integrated producer beefing up feed volumes

Manila headquartered, Vitarich Corporation, a poultry and feed firm, has said it plans to double its production capacity this year. 

News in brief

Feed additives risk: EFSA asks industry to review draft guidance

EFSA has initiated the public consultation phase in relation to a series of guidance documents supporting the safety assessment of feed additives.

New report again ‘casts doubt’ on sustainability pledges of Cargill and Bunge

Cargill and Bunge stress they are focused on ending deforestation in their supply chains, as a report decries continued land clearing in the Brazilian Cerrado and the Bolivian Amazon allegedly...

Special Edition: Early Animal Nutrition

Role of pre-weaning supplements for pigs highlighted in Alltech Young Scientist competition

The regional finalist for Alltech’s Young Scientist competition from Europe has focused her agricultural research on ways to improve the performance of pre-weaned piglets.

Agriculture lobby has wish list for the incoming UK government

The Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC), a trade group representing the feed, crop protection, and fertilizer industries in the UK, has produced a manifesto outlining what the UK agri-supply industry wants...

‘French dairy industry convalescing’

The French dairy industry is convalescing, says the head of that country’s largest liquid feed player.

Fish feed tech company leveraging Alltech accelerator for guidance

The feed technology company eFishery is using the mentoring offered by Alltech’s accelerator program to support and expand its work, says company COO.

Special Edition: Early Animal Nutrition

Stimulating feed intake should be the focus of pullet rearing: nutritionist

Feeding wet diets to laying hen chicks in the first few days could enhance starter feed intake capacity, basic body development and gut maturation, finds a researcher.

Insect feed market forecast to top $1bn by 2022

The size of the insect feed market is predicted to top $1bn by 2022, according to a new report.

Australian algae producer enters animal feed market

A specialist algae producer, known for work in the biofuel industry, is diversifying and making a play for the animal feed industry.

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