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Agrifirm climbs up the rankings in compound feed sector in Poland

Netherlands headquartered, Agrifirm Group, is to acquire feed player Bacutil in Poland, citing growth in Central and Eastern Europe as a key strategic priority and the rationale behind the move.

Special Edition: Feed Processing Technology

Blasts from the past: Ongoing and upcoming feed tech innovation and development

We dip into the archives to get a handle on feed technology trends over the past few years.

EU feed industry and regulatory insiders weigh in how sector can reduce antibiotic use

A new EU functional group of feed additives is required to incentivize the industry to invest in products to support animal health and welfare, says a Belgian Ministry of Health...

EU action plan to fight antimicrobial resistance

The Commission has committed to continuing to promote animal husbandry and feeding regimes that support good animal health and welfare to reduce the use of antibiotics at farm level.

Special Edition: Feed Production Technology

Kent capital investments focus on improved technology

Efficiency, safety and product consistency are among the focuses for a series of ongoing capital investments for Kent Nutrition Group, says VP.

US: Bell and Evans hatchery focuses on offering feed earlier

A new hatchery being opened by Bell and Evans aims to offer newly hatched chicks pelleted feed immediately post-hatch, says company president.

US: South Dakota-based novel protein company opens production plant

Novita Nutrition has opened a production facility dedicated to the generation of a novel protein and oil for feed use.

Deal reached in long-drawn-out talks on EU organic rules

The Commission, the Council and the Parliament have finally come to a provisional agreement on the overhaul of EU organic regulation and product labelling.

EU feed sector warns politicians ‘Don’t conceive of energy policy in isolation’

FEFAC calls on policymakers to maintain as broad a scope as possible in their assessment of the likely impact of any revisions to the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) on other...

'Sanderson Farms will vigorously defend this lawsuit'

US organizations file complaint against Sanderson Farms over use of ‘100% Natural’ in advertising

Three US-based non-profits have brought a lawsuit against Sanderson Farms for its use of a 100% natural statement in product advertising.

Special Edition: Feed Processing Technology

Will blue protein plug the gap in organic pig and poultry production?

Organic pig and poultry producers in Europe face a lack of organic protein sources. Mussels and starfish may fit well as future feedstuffs for that segment but there are challenges...

US researchers recycle poultry by-product as stress-relieving salmon feed additive

A by-product of poultry production offers promise as a stress-mitigating ingredient for farmed Atlantic salmon, says researcher.

Do young pigs need more help digesting soy-based feeds?

Supplemental enzymes and multicarbohydrase may improve weaned pigs digestion of crude protein from soy-based feed ingredients, however current digestibility values may be miscalculated, say researchers.

Evonik tool assess ideal amino acid levels for farmed tilapia

A new formulation tool from German chemical group, Evonik, is aimed at increasing production efficiency in tilapia aquaculture, by helping the sector to formulate on an ideal protein basis.

A new Dutch plant will be the first in Protix and Buhler insect tie-up

Bühler Insect Technology, in tandem with its joint venture partner, Protix, will build an industrial plant to process black solider flies for animal nutrition in the southern part of the...

Seafood Watch calls farmed salmon certified by ASC a ‘good alternative’

Data collection and feed sourcing were among the criteria considered by Seafood Watch in an evaluation of ASC’s farmed salmon standards.

ADM recalls cattle feed lot for high monensin levels

Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) seeks the return of a specific lot of bagged cattle feed after finding high levels of monensin.

Ireland: Questions over iodine levels in dairy feed

In response to a request from feed manufacturers, the Irish Department of Agriculture has clarified what the maximum content of iodine in complete feeds for dairy cows should be.

Serbian feed phosphates deal: ‘Consolidation like this is to be expected’

Phosphea, a subsidiary of Groupe Roullier, will reportedly take over the commercial sales and related feed phosphate business activities of Serbia’s Elixir Group from 1 July. 

Unauthorized GM Bacillus subtilis production strain identified in a vitamin B2 feed additive

A genetically modified microorganism (GMM) integrating an antibiotic resistance gene was found in a riboflavin supplement from China aimed at feed use, finds newly published study. 

Syngenta GMO corn test trial: Kansas farmers win $217m

A jury has awarded $217.7m in compensatory damages to a class of Kansas-based corn producers.  

Nebraska site picked for Evonik, Royal DSM omega-3 joint venture

Evonik and DSM have selected a site in Blair, Nebraska to construct a $200m production facility for omega-3 generating algae.

Agrifirm defines and costs feeds of EU origin

Dutch feed company, Agrifirm, says it can deliver feeds of EU origin but the market must take account of the fact that costs rise the more local protein inputs are...

Compliant NI feed firms can expect fewer inspections

Feed businesses in Northern Ireland (NI) who participate in and comply with feed assurance schemes – FEMAS, TASCC and UFAS – can look forward to fewer inspections and less sampling,...

Microorganisms as feed additives – EFSA wants industry feedback

EFSA has launched a public consultation on its draft guidance document on the characterization of microorganisms used as feed additives or as production organisms.

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