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Dispatches from SPACE 2017

Sanders Euralis looks to develop a French soybean chain

Sanders, the animal feed business of French agri group, Avril, in conjunction with the cooperative, Euralis, are backing French protein production through the opening of a soybean crushing facility in...

DSM acquires Dutch premix company

The Netherlands headquartered vitamin player, DSM, said the takeover of Twilmij would strengthen its position in animal nutrition and health, particularly in Northwest European markets.

US: Daniel Baum aims to move into more specialty feed markets

Pennsylvania-based Daniel Baum Company is buying several product lines from Kauffman’s Animal Health with an eye toward expanding company reach, says executive. 

US: Tyson feed mill, poultry complex told to find new roost

After facing community pushback, a proposed Tyson Foods feed mill and poultry processing facility in Kansas, US is on hold.

Special Edition: Middle East and African feed developments

Chinese firm constructing tilapia farm in Angola

A Chinese state-owned company is reportedly investing US$1m in tilapia production in Angola.

Dispatches from SPACE 2017

Big data comes to French dairy sector

French farming trade show, SPACE 2017 in Rennes last week, served as a launch pad for Applifarm, an open platform for data sharing in the livestock sector. 

US looks to manage feed crops exposed to flood waters

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is attempting to address concerns regarding use of flooded or storm damaged feed crops. 

FDA looks to get more 'nuanced view' of fluctuation in livestock targeted antibiotic sales

The FDA said a new analytical method will support its ongoing efforts to encourage the judicious use of antimicrobials in US food-producing animals, in its bid to help ensure the...

Prize on offer to company selling fish-free “fish oil”

An upcoming fish oil challenge aims to support and reward sales of fish feeds with no fish oil. 

Yeast strains may offer potential as feed additives in face of mycotoxin, pathogen presence

Some yeast strains may offer benefit as a feed additive when pathogens or mycotoxins are present in feed, say researchers. 

Special Edition: Middle East and African Feed Developments

Middle East, Asia and Americas perform for additive group Anpario

Feed additives company, Anpario, posted an earnings hike for the first half of 2017.

Special Edition: Middle East and African Feed Developments

New Olam feed and protein business aimed at boosting food security in Nigeria

Last week saw Olam International inaugurate its new poultry feed mill, hatchery and poultry farm in Kaduna State and its new integrated poultry and fish feed mill at Ilorin in...

Boosting profit from optimizing steam conditioning, pelleting and cooling in feed mills

An event last week focused on ways to improve feed mill operation costs, while also maximizing quality, hygiene and security of the feed at such facilities.

US feed sector highlights importance of South Korea for trade

Agricultural and feed organizations insist the US free trade agreement with South Korea should remain as rumours surface the US has considered leaving the arrangement.

Cargill data platform aims to improve feed formulation and dairy production

Cargill’s digital technology platform offers dairy producers an easier way to understand their farms’ data and make feeding decisions, says product director.

Dispatches from SPACE 2017

How can an SME scale feed additive producer enter the EU registration game?

French botanical extracts producer, Nor Feed, secured official EU authorization for its dry grape extract as a sensory additive for feed in February this year. 

Commission told to extend 5% non-organic feed protein rule

UK farming organizations are urging the EU Commission to extend two derogations for organic pigs and poultry that are due to expire at the end of this year.

Special Edition: Middle East and African Feed Developments

Feed protein player Unibio evaluates West African deal

Denmark’s Unibio is evaluating a joint venture (JV) on methane gas to feed protein production in Nigeria.

Special Edition: Middle East and African Feed Developments

South Africa: Firms told alleged feed deal 'violates' competition law

Two South African companies face charges over reportedly violating competition law in that market in relation to the supply of fruit juice byproducts for animal feed use.

Call to action: Project aims to shift edible fats and oils onto sustainable footing

Volac, which among other activities, runs a global animal feed fats business with Wilmar, wants to help shape the future of edible fats and oils, such as those derived from...

Cargill buys Thai feed mill through public tender

US agribusiness group, Cargill, has acquired a poultry and swine feed mill in the Prachinburi province in Thailand, in a move it says will expand its animal nutrition business capabilities in...

Mycotoxins: EFSA weighs in on risk from DON in feed

Austrian company, Biomin, says a recent EFSA opinion implies the real on-farm threat to animals posed by the mycotoxin, deoxynivalenol (DON), could be routinely underestimated. 

SPACE 2017 Live!

The feedback from SPACE2017 was that profitability is returning somewhat to the French dairy industry, but impatience lingers, the country's pork sector is holding steady, though the French poultry industry...

USDA: corn, soy production bump causes price drop

An unexpected increase to production of US feed crops has caused a drop in prices, says analyst. 

Regionally relevant probiotic may boost growth, weight gain in broilers

A novel probiotic strain may offer an alternative to antibiotic use by supporting weight gain and broiler health, say researchers.

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