Foss launches feed analyser

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Foss has introduced the InfraXact Analyzer, a new generation NIR
instrument dedicated to the analysis of feed, pet food and forage.

Foss​ has introduced the InfraXact Analyzer, a new generation NIR instrument dedicated to the analysis of feed, pet food and forage.

The company claims that the InfraXact is a rapid and accurate means of analysing grains, forages, finished feeds and feed ingredients for constituents such as moisture, protein, fat, starch and fibre; as well as simultaneous return of calculated measurements such as ADF and NDF.

Utilising an enhanced version of the company's ISIscan software, the system provides a user-friendly interface allowing users to print reports and integrate NIR results into LIMS or process systems. The software stores all results, settings and calibrations, giving full traceability for NIR results. ISIscan utilises outlier detection methods to ensure safe NIR analysis, to ensure accuracy.

An automated sample identification based on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is said to ensure a total sample control. The sample cell can be loaded with an identification number and product code. When a sample cup is placed in the instrument, the software reads number and product code, enabling automated selection of calibration before analysis starts. These features allow ISIscan to automatically identify the sample and perform necessary operations without operator intervention.

The system is said to be extremely easy to use, simply involving the iID sample to be loaded into a cup, then loaded into the analyser and the lid closed. The process then starts automatically and the result is ready in 15-40 seconds.

The system can be used both at-line and in the lab. With an available built-in computer and touch screen, fully sealed enclosure and rugged design the InfraXact Pro unit has been engineered for at-line use by operations personnel. It is IP-65 certified to ensure the instrument is tough enough for use in the dusty environment of a feed mill or pet food plant.

The InfraXact has been designed to allow re-use of calibration data from the current Foss NIRSystems Feed & Forage Analyzer. By standardising the NIRSystems and InfraXact instruments against each other, the user sets the calibration. If needed, adding new spectra to the data sets makes further improvements.

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