Capacity at Chinese L-carnitine plant now double that of former site, says Lonza

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Swiss L-carnitine supplier Lonza said, following a two year evaluation and quality phase, it has now got the new production process for L-Carnitine at its Chinese facility under control, with significantly greater capacity for the vitamin-like substance resulting.

The Swiss group told that output at the Chinese plant - at around 2,000 metric tonnes - is more than double what the company had at its previous L-Carnitine production facility in the Czech Republic, where it still produces its pharmaceutical grade L-Carnitine products.

The Nansha plant ushered in a next generation production process - Carniking- for L-Carnitine manufacture, ensuring greater flowability to ensure it is easier for feed manfuacturers to handle, said the supplier.

Lonza shifted location of its L-Carnitine manufacturing base from Kourim in the Czech Republic to Nansha in March 2010.

About one third of the Chinese facility's L-Carnitine output goes into animal nutrition and the other two thirds is targeted at the human nutrition market.

Stephan Jacobs, Lonza’s global marketing manager for Carniking, said the plant and the new production technology ensures that reliable, cost-effective supplies of L-Carnitine are available without interruption and underscores the company's commitment to the feed business.


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