FeedNavigator 2015: How does our editorial calendar shape up?

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FeedNavigator 2015: How does our editorial calendar shape up?

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From methane reduction strategies, to innovation in amino acids and yeasts, to early animal nutrition R&D, FeedNavigator’s special editions editorial calendar 2015 spans the hottest topics for the global feed industry. 

Last month we kicked of our special edition coverage looking at next generation feeds.  

Here is the line-up for the rest of the year:

  • March 30 2015 - Global feed regulation landscape: how to manage change​ 
  • April 30 2015 - Environmental footprint reduction initiatives ​ 
  • May 25 2015 - Commodities outlook​ 
  • June 29 2015 -Feed efficiency technology and VICTAM trade show round-up ​ 
  • July 27 2015 -Feed safety​ 
  • August 31 2015 -Early animal nutrition​ 
  • September 30 2015 -R&D trends in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and yeast cultures ​ 
  • October 26 2015 -  How the sectors are playing out in terms of feed consumption​ 
  • November 30 2015 -Precision feeding in all segments ​ 
  • December 14 2015 - Innovation in crop science   ​ 

Here is a sense of the coverage in the specials in our line-up:

Global feed regulation landscape: how to manage change​ – March

We will weigh up the impact of legislative developments in all territories, whether that is FSMA in the US and its impact on the feed sector there or medicated feed rules or the GM crop authorization process in the EU.

We will also get a handle on regulatory changes in Latin America and determine how compliant certain markets are with Codex regulations in relation to feed safety.

Environmental footprint reduction initiatives – April

The industry has to be cognizant of current areas of concern such as the release of nitrogen and phosphorus into the environment.

Through formula manipulation, the addition of newly approved, innovative ingredients and better control of nutrient input, we will evaluate ways researchers, feed manufacturers and their customers are working to create a smaller global livestock footprint.

Commodities outlook – May

We will get the low down from leading analysts as to what factors are influencing soy, corn, and wheat grain movements, we get a look at some commodity risk management tools, we get the low down on the feed enzyme market and we see how the feed phosphate sector is performing.

Feed efficiency technology and VICTAM trade show round-up ​ - June

We look at the new processing equipment launched at VICTAM, how the feed mill of the future will look and we discuss the technological innovation needed to meet sustainability goals.

Feed safety​ - July

We get the low down on an earned recognition model that enables authorities to concentrate their focus on high risk feed operations, we look at emerging feed risks and mycotoxin mitigation tools and we track developments in a feed safety scandal stateside.

Early animal nutrition​ - August

We look at what is being down in terms of young animal feeding for poultry, cattle and swine.

R&D trends in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and yeast cultures ​ - September

We get some insight with the leading players and analysts on what impact external trends are having on vitamin and mineral innovation, along with yeast additive and amino acid developments.

How the sectors are playing out in terms of feed consumption​ - October

We look at global dairy, beef, poultry and swine and aquaculture market movements to determine feed usage trends over the months ahead.

Precision feeding in all segments - November

What is the industry doing to ensure pigs, chickens, cows and farmed fish are getting exactly the nutrients they require to drive health, welfare and performance?

Innovation in crop science - December ​ 

We look at the potential and regulatory status of new plant breeding techniques, we discuss the future of GM plant research in Europe, we analyze how new predictive models will drive precision agricultural systems, and we see how microbes can boost the nutritional value and disease resistance of plants.


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