US corn and soy planting efforts start to wrap up

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

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Lagging states have gained ground on early planters as US feed crop progress continues, says the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). 

The agency released a new Crop Progress reporton Monday.

Overall, about 98% of the US corn crop has been planted at this point, which is behind last year but an improvement on the average, said the USDA.  

Michigan, which had been one of the states running behind in planting, has managed to come back in line with the progress made in other states in terms of corn planting, said the USDA.

Eric Anderson, extension educator with Michigan State University, said: “We [Michigan] had lagged pretty far behind, but we got a couple of weeks through now of warm and dry [weather], and that allowed guys to get in there and catch up,” ​he told FeedNavigator. “We’re at 95% [planted] now."

In addition to several weeks of rain in April, planters faced a challenge from cold weather, said Anderson. “Temperatures dropped and the soils were too wet and cold, and some of the stuff that was planted before that time was struggling to get out of the ground,”​ he added.

Soybeans faced a similar experience in the state as many delayed planters focused on getting their corn in the ground first, he said. 

“I asked about replants and, there was a certain percentage, predominately of soybeans, that got in before the cold spell and some of that had some issues,” ​he said. “But I haven’t heard of anyone who’s switched and gone with soybeans.”

However, the crops planted in the northern part of the state are expected to meet average, or possibly above average yields, reported James Isleib, extension educator with Michigan State University.

Nationally, the emerged crop has surpassed both where it was at this point last year and the multi-year average, said the USDA. Currently, about 90% of the crop has sprouted.

Of the corn crop that has emerged, most is rated in good or fair condition, although 14% is rated excellent, according to the official crop report.

Soybean plantings are at about 83% done, up from both last year and the multiyear average, added the USDA.

Minnesota has the most crop planted at about 98% in the ground, noted the USDA. Kansas and Kentucky have the least amount in the ground at about 42% and 43% planted, respectively.

About 62% of the crop has emerged at this point and the majority of the crop is rated at good, reported the US agency.

Other feed crops

Slightly more than half of this year’s sorghum crop has been planted, which is behind the average for this time of year, said the USDA. States range from having 100%, in Louisiana, to 21%, in Illinois, in the ground.

The winter wheat crop has almost completely headed, putting it ahead of last year’s growth and the average for this point, said the USDA. However, only about 2% of the total crop has been harvested, which is behind the multiyear average of 10% often gathered by this time.  

The spring wheat crop is at about 96% emergence, said the agency. The growth rate is somewhat ahead of last year, which was at 95% at this point in time, and the average growth of 78% for this time of year.

Crop condition predominantly ranges from fair to excellent with about 68% being rated at good, said the USDA. The condition is an improvement over last year’s quality at this time.

Oats are starting to see heading in several of the nine states that account for the majority of the crop, said the USDA. About 38% of the crop has headed at this point, ahead of both last year’s timing and the multiyear average.

Barley emergence has outpaced its average growth for this time, said the agency. About 93% of the crop has emerged compared to an average of 80%.

But, it is somewhat behind the 99% that had spouted last year at this time, said the USDA. Idaho and Washington are slightly behind where they typically are for this time of year.

Additionally, the majority of pasture and range conditions are being rated as good or excellent at this point in the year, reported the agency.  

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