All news articles for November 2017

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Bühler invests in feed education

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

A gift from Bühler Inc to the Iowa State University Foundation has created a lecturer’s position in feed technology at the institution.

'We want to provide complementary alternatives for people who don’t like fish, and that applies particularly to children.' Dr Heather Hayes, director of food innovation, Devenish. © GettyImages/xveron90x

Fatty acid enhanced pork, beef, and milk products likely to follow: Devenish

Omega-3 enriched meat and eggs brings consumer health benefits: study

By Jane Byrne

Belfast headquartered farming and food company, Devenish, says a world first clinical trial it carried out with RSCI indicates the health benefits of regular consumption of chicken-meat and eggs naturally enriched with algae-sourced omega-3-PUFAs.

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FarmLead expands to offer pricing data, info

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

The online grain sales platform FarmLead is expanding its services to offer users a richer picture of market prices, and historical trends for grains and feed ingredients, says CEO.

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China to cut import VAT on US DDGS

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

US Grains Council sees positive first step in the removal of a value-added tax on US DDG; however, more work remains to improve the market, says CEO.