All news articles for November 2017

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Outlook for animal protein consumption is positive

By Jane Byrne

Rabobank expects animal protein production to increase in all regions next year, with total production growth to surpass the ten-year average; the hike is driven by Brazil, China, and the US.

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US corn harvest lags previous years

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

The US feed crop harvest ends as emerging weather patterns suggest wet weather and the possibility of delayed access to fields in the spring for parts of the Midwest.

Increase in consumption of protein dense meat products pressurizing feed raw material supply: LMC International © GettyImages/RTimages

Future feed protein supply - where are the likely bottlenecks?

By Jane Byrne

The supply of protein rich starch co-products like vital wheat gluten and corn gluten meal will be hard pressed to keep up with demand, warns LMC International; the consultancy has been evaluating protein supply in the food and feed segments and how that...