Feed additive patents aim to strengthen Amlan presence in Chinese market

By Aerin Curtis

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Amlan International says it has secured patents in China for several of its feed additives aimed at supporting intestinal health in poultry and post-weaning piglets.

“The industry is increasingly focused on intestinal health in these two species, and with good reason,”​ said Don Cravens, Amlan International president.

Oil-Dry Corporation of America, which does businesses as Amlan International also, is seeking patents on the same products, Varium and NeoPrime, in the US and other selected countries.

Cravens told FeedNavigator: “In addition to being a key market for poultry and swine, China is an important market for Amlan. In 2013, we affirmed that commitment and expanded our global reach with the establishment of our subsidiary in Shenzhen.”

The company has been expanding its personnel and technical support services in China.

As the industry moves away from using antibiotics for growth promotion in livestock, natural additives can provide an effective alternative to enhance performance and help producers meet the growing demand for quality protein, he said.

Amlan International has developed such a platform, said Cravens. “We intend to protect that technology through patent registrations.”

Patent product details

“Promoting strong animal intestinal health and stimulating the immune function in livestock helps provide the best defense against harmful pathogens,” ​he said. “Varium and NeoPrime work by reducing the level of pathogenic bacteria, energizing and strengthening the intestinal barrier and stimulating the innate and adaptive immune system to help defend against pathogens.”

The focus with poultry has been to boost feed efficiency, support growth and reduce mortality while either cutting or replacing antibiotic use, the company said.

The intestinal tract in a bird contains about 70% of its immune system, Cravens added.

“In clinical trials, Varium has provided a return on investment of 3:1 or higher by improving feed conversion, weight gain and decreasing mortality.”

In research trials, the company said that feed additive was found to limit intestinal lesions and reduce bird morality to levels similar to those achieved with the use of an antibiotic when facing a necrotic enteritis challenge, the company reported.  

Feed supplemented with 1kg/MT of the additive improve feed conversion and weight gain beyond what was seen with antibiotic use in a 28-day necrotic enteritis challenge, claimed Amlan.

With piglets, the interest has been on promoting the intestinal environment and supporting the immune system, Amlan said. Adding the feed supplement was found to improve feed conversion and average daily gain.

“NeoPrime has also been extensively tested in clinical and field trials and supported by in-vitro studies to prove its efficacy,” ​said Cravens. “Nursery piglets showed an increase of 14% in average daily gain and a 10-point improvement in feed conversion, resulting in 5% more pig.”

The feed additive also can be used to reduce the need for antibiotics, he said. “Typically, the best responses in growth performance with antibiotics are seen in nursery pigs, when the immune system is not yet fully developed,”​ he added.

“NeoPrime helps improve piglet performance by reducing the level of pathogenic bacteria and toxins in the intestines at this most critical period of growth,” ​he said. “NeoPrime does help lessen the dependence on antibiotics and can be used in an antibiotic-free production system during this stage, resulting in better feed conversion and improved overall health.”



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