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Dispatches from the Cornell Nutritional Conference

Nutrition 2.0 could bring dietary changes for dairy cows

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

Almost all classes of nutrients can act like hormones, and some feed additives may need to be reconsidered in terms of their role in signaling, says researcher.

The collaboration would look to address, among other activities, specific health aspects in broiler and pig production by exploiting the microbial properties of insect ingredients. © GettyImages/metamorworks

Reports from EuroTier 2018

Dutch insect feed producer in tie-up with Agrifirm

By Jane Byrne

Dutch feed and agribusiness group, Agrifirm, and insect protein and oils producer, Protix, have announced that they will be collaborating on a range of new initiatives using insect-based ingredients in products for the broiler, layer and pig sectors in...

How to start the piglet off well – tune in to our live webinar

How to start the piglet off well – tune in to our live webinar

By Jane Byrne

Colonization of gut microbiota in mammals during early life is vital to host health. Further understanding of the dynamics of intestinal microbial colonization in piglets via dietary interventions may possibly contribute to better piglet performance.

© EuroTier DLG

EuroTier trade show brand expands globally

By Jane Byrne

The organizers of EuroTier, the major biennial animal husbandry trade show taking place this week in Hannover, have announced that they will be introducing EuroTier Middle East, EuroTier South America and EuroTier China in 2019.

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