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Forest 500: Companies told to disclose names of soy suppliers

By Jane Byrne

Nestlé has come out top in relation to soy in the latest Forest 500 report that rates food manufacturer, trader, retailer, food service and financial institutions’ efforts to tackle commodity led deforestation in all sourcing regions.

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Super-soaker mineral could fill the gap left by antibiotic bans in Asia

By Richard Whitehead

Attapulgite producer, GeoHellas, has Asia on its mind. Already major countries such as China, Indonesia and Vietnam have either banned or are phasing out antibiotics, a trend that the supplier says presents it with substantial opportunities.

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Study examines potential role of feed in ASF spread

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

African swine fever may be orally transmittable in plant-based feeds and liquids, although higher doses of the virus are needed to generate infection from feeds, says researcher.

Conversations about careers: Nutritionist at a feed firm

Conversations about careers: Nutritionist at a feed firm

By Jane Byrne

Emily Frehen-van Calmthout has just hit the seven year mark as a nutritionist at leading Dutch feed company, ABZ Diervoeding. She is also a PhD Candidate at Wageningen University, Animal Nutrition. We spoke to her to get a sense of her educational achievements...

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Reports from VIV Asia

Cargill looks to improve livelihoods of poor farmers

By Richard Whitehead

A Cargill initiative sets out to improve the livelihoods of 100m poor farmers by 2030. The agri-major stresses Hatching Hope is grounded in business, and is not just a CSR ‘photo op’.

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ASF threat: Philippines imposes ban on porcine PAP products

By Jane Byrne

The Philippines is restricting the import of processed porcine animal proteins used in feed and pet food from countries with outbreaks of African swine fever (ASF) in order to protect its swine industry, according to local media.

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