All news articles for August 2022

Photo Credit: GettyImages/Andrii Yalanskyi

Sovecon raises forecast for Russian wheat harvest

By Jane Byrne

Russian consultancy, Sovecon, has further raised its forecast for Russia’s wheat harvest, now at 94.7Mt, up from a previous 90.9Mt estimate, due to what it says are record yields and rain improving the outlook for spring wheat.

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Zinc oxide ban: Chr. Hansen focuses on intestinal health

By Lynda Searby

As part of its ongoing exploration of the connection between sow and piglet health, Chr. Hansen has shown that administering probiotics to lactating sows positively impacts piglet gut microbiota and performance.

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New palm-free fat supplement set to increase milk yields and quality

By Michelle Perrett

UFAC-UK, the UK nutrition and supplement company, is to debut its palm-free fat supplement called Enviro-lac this month, it says it has been proven to increase dairy cow milk yields, quality and offer a lower carbon footprint than palm-oil supplements....