Adifo N.V Seminar: Stay competitive, work sustainably

Agenda 25 September

  • 9h Welcome with coffee at Feed Design Lab
  • 9h30 We walk to and board the ship
  • 10h30 start seminar. Confirmed speakers:
    • Lenny Dauw, Operations manager BESTMIX® (Adifo​): 
      BESTMIX® Roadmap
    • Milka Tesla - CEO (Passion4Feed​):
      Future of Sustainable Pet Food Formulations
    • Peter De Letter, Product Manager BESTMIX® Ration & Premix  (Adifo​): Preview of the new generation of BESTMIX®
    • David Primrose - Founder/Technical Consultant (Synergy Food Ingredients Ltd​):
      Sustainability and petfood integrity - Topical strategies for business growth
  • 12h30 – 13h30 Lunch
  • 13h30 Presentations part 2. Confirmed speakers:
    • Hans Hermus, Product Manager BESTMIX® Supply Chain Portal (Adifo​​) : SpecTrack for Sourcing
    • Tom Battagliese, Global Sustainability Metrics Manager (BASF​):
      Leveraging sustainability analytics to deliver sustainable feed innovation
    • Philippe Snoeck, Operations Manager ERP (Adifo​):
      MILAS and the cloud 
    • Prof. Mia Eeckhout, professor (UGent​):
      Sustainability: what’s in it for the feed industry?
  • 16h Arrive back at Feed Design Lab and start tour
  • 17h Closing reception and networking moment

Event location

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