AgriVision provides a platform for informed discussion at a strategic level on current and future concerns in the global feed, food and agri business. It enables participants to network and strengthen relationships as it brings together key stakeholders from business, research, government and NGOs. AgriVision aspires to shift minds, develop new ideas and inspire approaches for the benefit of all those involved in animal protein value chain.

The conference will revolve around these three major topics:

1. Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)
2. Technology (AgTech) and big data in agriculture
3. Agricultural development

Kofi Annan will be the keynote speaker for AgriVision 2017. Alongside Mr Annan the conference has a diverse speaker line-up featuring, for example, editor of Wired Magazine, David Rowan, former VP Group Communications at Danish Crown, Anne Villemoes, and DuPont Fellow and Chief Scientist, DuPont Nutrition & Health, Andrew Morgan.

To showcase the potential of big data and open innovation in agriculture, parallel to AgriVision we organise a hackathon. In a high-pressure environment we will demonstrate the potential of data-driven solutions and the value of organic and open collaboration and knowledge exchange. Four teams of experts will receive unique databases from the pig production system that are prepared to enable carefree hacking and will work non-stop 32 hours to build a use case to illustrate what can be done by integrating data from different stakeholders.

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