Poultry industry taking shape in Africa

Reports from VIV Europe 2018

Poultry industry taking shape in Africa

By Jane Byrne

The growing middle class in Africa is driving change throughout that continent’s poultry production value chain, encouraging greater local and international investment in required supporting infrastructure, says Rabobank.

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Reports from Feed Protein Vision 2018

Are high protein soybeans on the horizon?

By Jane Byrne

The depressed protein content of oil meals combined with the lack of sufficient growth in fuel and fermentation co-products is encouraging the development of novel sources of protein, says Sara Girardello head of LMC International’s starch research team.

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Special Edition: Reports from IPPE

Guidance, clarity continue to be needed in FSMA roll-out

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

AFIA is seeking additional regulatory guidance and more information regarding work with animal feed-specific hazards and hazard mitigation in its ongoing efforts to help the industry address FSMA, says VP.

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