Feed producers rev up for the 'great acceleration'. Image courtesy of Sean MacEntee

Feed producers must prepare for the “great acceleration”

By Lynda Searby

The biggest trend in the animal nutrition industry today is preparing for an accelerated rate in demand for meat, driven by growing prosperity and populations in China, India, Africa and Asia, according to a leading sustainability academic.

Amidst projections for a bumper wheat crop globally, EU wheat production forecasts have been revised downwards.

Rain damage drives EU wheat onto feed market

By Lynda Searby

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has raised its forecast for projected EU feed wheat supplies for 2014/15 by 2.5 million ton in its World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE), which were published this week.

FeedNavigator World Cup 2014: And the winner is

FeedNavigator World Cup 2014: And the winner is

By Jane Byrne

As the FIFA world cup soon draws to a close, we let the biggest feed producing countries go head to head in terms of tonnage output, with the teams slugging it out including China, Brazil, the USA, Mexico, Spain, India, Russia and Japan.

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