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Agrimprove, the new functional feed ingredients brand of Agrifirm

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We farm ideas

Agrimprove is a brand by Royal Agrifirm Group, a collective of over 10,000 Dutch farmers. This means that we can rely on a thorough understanding of the agri-food industry, a clear dedication to supporting farmers and the solid network of a global organization. The Agrimprove product range is based on the feed ingredients line that was formerly known as Nuscience’s Health4U portfolio.

As a functional feed ingredients brand, Agrimprove has a clear ambition: to create better feed for better food.

Does this mean we are philanthropists? Maybe. Are we scientists? Definitely. Agriculture specialist? For sure.

But most of all, we like to see ourselves as idea farmers. By combining science and industry knowledge, we develop new ideas for improvement in animal health and nutrition. Together with our customers and partners – farms, integrations, co-ops, retailers, universities and governments worldwide – we carefully grow these ideas into tangible solutions that benefit anyone who is involved with responsibly producing food.

Ideas for improved swine farming

“Feed accounts for 60% to 70% of production costs in commercial swine farming. This alone turns adequate feed utilization into a critical success factor.”

Kobe Lannoo, Category Manager Pigs

Being a fast-growing species with efficient feed conversion rates, pigs are an important driver for growth in the animal protein production industry. The animals’ susceptibility to various pathogens and to stress related to intensified production is a driver for solid management and risk prevention strategies. Together with our customers across the globe, we are achieving great results with innovative technologies as a means to maximize production efficiency and to meet the consumers’ expectations.

“The most important thing we have to offer? Peace of mind for the pig farmer.”

People sometimes ask me to sum up the benefits feed ingredients can bring. I could easily say they are infinite, but they all contribute to one thing: peace of mind for the farmer. Of course, improvement is a continuous process. Risks are inherent to working with live animals. That is why we offer solutions that enable our customers to act adequately at any given moment. The final result? One health, because healthy animals result in healthy meat. One welfare, because thriving animals are easier to work with. And one profit, because responsibly produced food offers an honest value for producers, retailers and consumers alike.

Our top ideas for improved swine farming

Upgrading Streptococcus suis​ resilience

Fighting a complicated problem such as Streptococcus suis​ requires a strategy that includes both the sow and the piglets. This approach combines an indirect effect on piglets’ immunity through the sows’ colostrum with a direct antimicrobial effect in the nursery, giving piglets a healthy start in life.

Using gut health as an alternative for zinc oxide

As opposed to what some may claim, there is a viable alternative for zinc oxide when it comes to supporting piglets’ health in the weaning stage. Together with farm managers, veterinarians and nutrition specialists, Agrimprove offers an innovative concept that captures and kills pathogenic bacteria, fortifies the gut barrier and blocks toxins.

Improving meat quality by reducing oxidative stress effects

Meat processors and retailers around the world have been faced with suboptimal meat quality. We enable our customers to reduce oxidative stress effects, resulting in scientifically proven meat quality enhancement. The result: succulent, tender pork that shows consistent pH, less discoloration and minimal fluid loss, leading to a more attractive end product with a longer shelf life.

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Ideas for improved poultry farming

“In recent years poultry has been the fastest growing segment in the food industry. And it will continue to expand in the future.”

Jan Vervloesem, Category Manager Poultry

It goes without saying that thoroughly understanding chickens’ nutrient requirements and metabolism are key to initiating real improvement in this part of the industry. At the same time, although poultry are the most efficient feed converters among common livestock species, further feed efficiency optimization will determine the economic and ecological viability of commercial poultry production. This is where Agrimprove can add value.

“Both meat and egg quality are heavily influenced by what the chickens ingest. The phrase ‘what you feed, is what you eat’​ applies to poultry even more than to any other species.”

The poultry production industry has known its crises over the last few decades. And each time it has shown the resilience and ingenuity to overcome these hurdles. As a result, most producers have become very aware of the importance of stringent biosecurity measures. What our specialists promote, is to apply the same scrutiny to the targeted use of added value feed ingredients. Reproductive performance, growth rate, FCR, heat stress prevention, egg shell and egg white quality… All of these essential factors can be addressed by smart and science-based feed formulation. 

Our top ideas for improved poultry farming

Effectively coping with heat stress

More than any other livestock species, poultry are susceptible to heat stress due to their high metabolism. To avoid heat stress related issues such as low performance and decreased feed intake, Agrimprove proposes feed ingredients and water-soluble supplements that help maintain the performance and stress resistance of the animals.

Fighting salmonella

Salmonella​ is one of the most important zoonoses threatening human health. A total approach combining managerial, nutritional and veterinarian measures is the only effective weapon to fight it. Agrimprove offers functional feed ingredients that support animals against salmonella​, and more importantly: safeguard egg and meat quality for consumers.

Improving egg shell quality

Egg quality is becoming an increasingly decisive parameter for profitability in the poultry industry. Due to the latest developments in breeding technology both commercial layers as well as breeders have the potential to be kept for longer production cycles. With feed ingredients that support calcification of the egg shell and the albumen, Agrimprove can optimize layer and breeder performance.

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Ideas for improved ruminants farming

“Optimizing production efficiency does not have to be a choice between quality and quantity. The two very often go hand in hand.”

Kobe Lannoo, Category Manager Pigs & Cattle

The global demand for beef and dairy is growing and is expected to keep on doing so. Finding the balance between increasing production and reducing environmental effects is the key challenge for dairy and beef cattle production. This being said, the future growth of the beef and dairy business will have to come from doing more with less, rather than from expanding the cattle population. With feed optimization as a starting point, we have been able to develop approaches that boost the efficiency of both meat and milk production.

“Working intensively with cattle farmers across continents,

it’s amazing what can be achieved. Sometimes even overnight.”

Combining scientific knowledge with field expertise is the basis for our way of working. One of the things we have learned to appreciate over the years, is that every farm and every company is different. That is why we never propose off-the-shelf solutions to our customers. With a specific situation as a starting point, we see every improvement project as a partnership. And once our team and the customer’s staff put their minds together, the results can be astonishing. More, better and healthier milk is an excellent example what we mean by adding value throughout the agri-food chain.

Our top ideas for improved cattle farming

Reducing somatic cell counts

During transition the mammary gland is extremely sensitive for infections. This leads to subclinical and clinical mastitis. Protecting cows in this period is essential to maximize the full genetic potential of the animal. Optimal hygiene and milking techniques can partly avoid these problems. Additional support of the animals’ health is crucial to achieve optimal results. Healthier udders will produce healthier milk with a lower somatic cell count: the basics for the production of high-quality dairy.

Improving food safety by eliminating mycotoxins

As feed directly influences animal performance, it should be of the highest quality, not only nutritionally but also in terms of safety. It is of the utmost importance that the often invisible, tasteless and heat-stable mycotoxins do not get a chance to impair the animals’ health and performance, let alone affect the food safety of your final product. Agrimprove has developed a range of highly effective toxin binders that reduce bioactivity of both polar and non-polar mycotoxins, protect vital organs and eliminate oxidative stress. As often, the proof is to be found within the animal. This is why the effectiveness of our toxin binders has been proven by analyzing the organs of treated animals at slaughterhouses across the globe.

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