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Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge registers over 340 participants on online platform in six weeks

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Program for two-day Grand Finale in the Netherlands is set


In November 2016, Nutreco launched the Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge, a new way to kick-start breakthrough solutions. Since the online platform has been open to contestants, more than 340 people registered to the platform. Close to 25 new ideas were enlisted and over 165 enrichments took place. The challenge is still open until January 17, 2017. After that 10 finalists will be selected and invited for a two-day Grand Finale in the Netherlands, the Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge Event.

The Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge is centred around the question ‘what is your breakthrough innovation – that CANNOT wait?’. Nutreco calls for the brightest minds to help realise sustainable food production for a growing world population. The winner receives a unique prize in the form of a scientific on-farm validation trial in one of Nutreco’s research farms.

Nutreco has been at the forefront of some of the major breakthrough innovations that have made food production more sustainable. Withtheaworld population growing to over 9 billion by 2050 and finite natural resources, the animal nutrition and aqua feed industry needs to collectively step up its efforts.

High-value on-farm validation trial on offer

The Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge offers a ‘greenhouseand & pressure cooker’ environment aimed at identifying, nurturing and enriching high potential concepts in pilot or proof-of-concept phases.

Nutreco CEO Knut Nesse highlights the program of the two day Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge Event that will take place on February 22 and 23 intThe Netherlands.

“We are very pleased with the enthusiasm that our initiative has sparked among the start-up and AgTech communities. It is clear that this Challenge and in particular the validation trial can provide a significant contribution to introducing new breakthrough innovations into real life. The Challenge will still be open to new ideas until January 17,” Nesse said.

The Challenge Team will select 10 finalists for a two-daysGrand Finale intThe Netherlands, all on behalf of Nutreco. During the first day, three finalists will be selected after pressure cooking sessions and specialist workshops, during which the participants get the chance to improve their ideas. On the second day our jury members will select the final winner, who will then get the opportunity to validate the winning idea on a Nutreco farm withllfull support from Nutreco specialists.



Open platform

Until January 17, contestants will have the chance to participate in an online platform where entries are open for comments, discussions and contributions from others. This provides a unique opportunity to connect with other start-ups, industry experts, scientists,and ultimately with farmers and the rest of the world.

In that respect, the Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge is different from most other start-up competitions.Another difference is the winner is rewarded with the opportunity for a scientific on-farm validation trial, rather than the more typicalAlso because the winner is not rewarded with acash prize, but with the opportunity for a scientific on-farm validation trial.

Challenge themes

Centred around the question ‘what is your breakthrough innovation – that CANNOT wait?’, the Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge hopes to inspire start-ups with breakthrough innovations in the following three areas:

•             nutrition against antimicrobial resistance

•             feed-to-farm efficiency

•             young animal nutrition 

More information on the themes can be accessed via​.

International jury

The international jury is chaired by Prof.essorDr.Ir. Daniel Berckmans of KU Leuven. He is an expert in animal and human health engineering, and one of the pioneers of precision livestock farming.

The other members of the jury are:

-              Adam Anders; managing partner at Anterra Capital, a specialist venture capital investor operating in the food&andagricultural sectors.

-              Prof.essorDr.Johan Verreth; professor at Wageningen University & Research (WUR), where he leads the aquaculture and fisheries groupwithin the WUR. He has a particular interest in the ecological sustainability of fish farming.

-              Dr. Jason Clay; senior vice president market transformation at WWF and the author of 15 books, more than 300 articles and 700 invited presentations.

-              Viggo Halseth; Chief Innovation Officer at Nutreco.

Three phases

The Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge is set up in such a way, that every contestant is a winner.

In the first phase from 29 November 2016 until 17 January 2017, entries receive valuable feedback and enrichment from industry experts and scientists.

An expert jury will then select ten finalists, who will receive further feedback and training in pressure cooker sessions during the two-day Nutreco FeedTech Challenge Event on 22 and 23 February in The Netherlands.

At this event, the winner will be selected and receives a scientific on-farm validation trial in one of Nutreco´s research farms, including a validation report.

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