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Dispatches from World Nutrition Forum in Cape Town

‘Taxing meat is wrong, dangerously wrong’

By Jane Byrne

Policymakers globally have been weighing up the benefits of taxing meat, much in the same way as sugar, carbon emissions and tobacco. However, a Zurich based scientist and entrepreneur believes such a levy on meat would be disastrous.

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Don’t have a cow man: the prospects for feed as lab meat beckons

By Lynda Searby

In the long term, lab meat production could have a “significant” impact on feed consumption, but until there is clarity around the legislative situation and production processes, the full implications are difficult to predict, says one global feed producer.

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Call to industry over carryover of veterinary drugs in feed

By Jane Byrne

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) are seeking stakeholder involvement in an advisory meeting and are also looking for data to address the issue of the carryover from feed to food of unavoidable and...

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'Agriculture Bill lacks trade detail'

By Jane Byrne

Lack of details on trade and failure to acknowledge food as a ‘public good’ within the UK government’s Agriculture Bill are disappointing, said the Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) a trade group that counts the UK feed sector among its member...

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Regulatory developments around insect feed protein in the US

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

Ohio based insect protein company, EnviroFlight, announced on Tuesday [September 11] that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recommended the amendment of the ingredient definition for dried black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) so that it can be...

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Omega-3-rich canola plant sees US approval

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

Aquaculture producers may be closer to a new land-based source of omega-3 as the USDA approves cultivation of Nuseed’s omega-3 generating canola variety.

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US: Studies track in-feed FMD, ASF infection

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

Ongoing swine health research seeks to track the potential for virus-infected feed to cause the related disease in pigs, says swine health center director.