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BioPlus® YC impacts feed digestibility

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BioPlus® YC impacts feed digestibility

Chr Hansen conducted a feed digestibility study in the winter of 2012 to evaluate the effect of BioPlus® YC on feed digestibility in Grow-Finish swine. At a Midwest US research facility, 960 commercial Fast X PIC pigs were divided into 2 groups at approximately 155 lbs. bodyweight. The Control group was placed on a standard commercial feed diet consisting of Corn, Soybean Meal, Distillers Grains and 4% added fat (choice white grease). The diet was balanced to meet the nutritional requirements of the pigs and included Phytase at 250 FTU / lb of complete feed. The Treatment group was placed on the identical diet as the Control group with the exception of the addition of BioPlus® YC at the standard inclusion rate. Titanium Dioxide was added to both diets to serve as a marker when both the feed and pigs’ feces were evaluated for nutrient content. There were 8 replications per group.

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