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Lonza is the leading and trusted supplier of high quality L-carnitine for use by the animal industry.  L-carnitine is an essential component in the energy metabolism of all species and can therefore offer a wide range of health benefits to all species

As a company committed to total quality and customer satisfaction, Lonza is motivated to set new industry standards, not merely meet those currently existing. Lonza has acknowledged the market’s increasing demand for technologically sound products that fulfill the needs of progressive customers and/or industry professionals. This is why Lonza is proud to offer our Carniking™ line of products to the livestock industry, petfood manufacturers, and producers of food for racing animals.

Carniking™ is a special grade of L-carnitine, manufactured by Lonza. It can be used in the manufacture of dog and cat dry foods and treats. We are dedicated to demonstrating the benefits of our products through sound science and will continue to actively research the application of Carniking™ for use in pet food.

Lonza expands its global leadership role in the feed industry with the start of the Next Generation Carniking ™ process. This advanced process allows Lonza to expand its leadership role in the global food, feed and pharmaceutical industries.

The Next Generation Carniking™ – reliable Design in Technology Supply and Partnership.


•Carniking™: recommended for use in all dry feed formulations, premixes and basemixes

•Carnifeed™: suitable for use in liquid or paste-like formulations and milk replacers

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