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Corn gluten, vital wheat gluten and potato proteins

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Corn gluten, vital wheat gluten and potato proteins

The Tereos Syral protein​ range includes corn gluten, vital wheat gluten and potato proteins, which are highly concentrated, digestible and palatable.

They have texturising properties that benefit the extrusion and pelleting processes.

Modified wheat proteins​ are highly soluble, and particularly suitable for liquid formulations such as milk replacers and starters. They can also provide emulsifying properties, useful in fat-filled powders and canned pet food.

Tereos Syral provides a range of fibre-rich ingredients​ for cattle, pigs and poultry feed and petfood, that also contain nutritious proteins and starches

Prebiotic soluble fibres​ are also part of the range, with unique properties of intestinal microflora regulation.

In the feed industry, Tereos Syral’s starches and derivatives​ are used for their texturising, preserving and nutritional properties.

For on-farm mixers, a range of wet fibres and liquid feed ingredients​ complete our product portfolio.

Based on our product know-how and zootechnical studies, our teams provide expertise to assist customers in optimizing safe and cost-effective feed formulation in all breeding sectors.

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