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The use of fibre-degrading enzymes continues to grow worldwide, with producers seeking real feeding cost savings. Of the many different types of fibre-degrading enzymes commercially available, xylanases are known to have the most supporting evidence and be the most effective.

AB Vista’s beta 1-4 endo-xylanase product, Econase®​ XT, is inherently thermostable and developed for use in monogastric feeds.

Xylanases are required in monogastric diets because:

  • High levels of dietary fibre depress nutrient digestibility and performance
  • The endogenous enzymes of monogastrics cannot digest dietary fibre
  • Exogenous xylanase stimulates nutrient digestibility and enhances performance

Enzymes are sensitive to heat and pressure and can be rendered inactive by feed processing.  Econase®​ XT is unique in that it is the only fibre degrading enzyme that is fully intrinsically thermostable as a liquid powder.  In this regard, it is the enzyme molecule itself that is stable to pelleting temperatures, rather than stabilising techniques such as coating associated with other products.

Econase®​ XT can withstand pelleting temperatures as high as 95o​C (203o​F), maintaining enzyme activity post-pelleting.  The stability has been demonstrated in a wide range of pelleting tests within institutes and commercial feed mills.

Econase®​ XT is the first and only liquid NSP enzyme sufficiently thermostable to be added to feed prior to pelleting.  Applying liquid Econase®​ XT to the batch mixer results in improved enzyme homogeneity throughout the feed, and can offer the user a potential economic advantage in terms of reduced power output when pelleting.  Econase®​ XT Mixer Liquid Application (MLA) technology offers users further flexibility in application and ease of use.

Easily detected and measured with AB Vista’s ELISA rapid in-feed assay kit, Econase®​ XT ensures greater ease of quality control in feeds.

AB Vista is an international supplier of world leading feed ingredients and technical services.  AB Vista’s internationally renowned technical experts use technology and extensive trial data to offer products that deliver optimal performance.  For more information, contact AB Vista on +44(0)1672 517650 or visit

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