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Enter your Feed-Enhancing Product in the F3 Krill Replacement Challenge

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Enter your Feed-Enhancing Product in the F3 Krill Replacement Challenge

The F3 - Future of Fish Feed invites companies with an attractant, palatant or other feed-enhancing ingredients to enter the race to replace krill in aquafeed. Up to 10 companies will compete for a USD $100,000 prize for the krill replacement product that results in the best fish growth, feed consumption and survival during a 12-week feeding trial on Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)​.

Krill is a popular ingredient in feed, where it is often used as an attractant, palatant and potentially for its nutritional benefits. Meanwhile, scientific estimates have shown that Antarctic krill populations have declined by as much as 80 percent since the 1970s and further declines are forecast due to increases in industrial-scale fishing and climate change.

Encouraging krill alternatives can ensure fish farming continues to grow in a way that enhances global food security—by future-proofing the global seafood supply chain—which supplies 20 percent of global protein.

Registration is open until August 31, 2023. Register today at f3challenge.org. 

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