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Ingredients for sow & piglet feed, and pig fattening feed

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Ingredients for sow & piglet feed, and pig fattening feed


The modern sow is now a prolific breeder, this has occurred mainly through great progress in intensive breeding and improved nutrition. Today’s pig breeders require high performance feeds to provide protein, energy and minerals in addition to promoting a good digestive transit and general health of the sow.

Roquette products dedicated to sow feed consist mainly of:

  • High fibre sources derived from wheat, maize and pea
  • Maize Germ Cake for its protein and essential fatty acids
  • Dextrose and Sorbitol to stimulate the sow’s appetite

Growing and Finishing Pigs

Finishing feed for pigs have very strong economical constraints - they must provide maximum growth for the lowest food cost possible.

Roquette offers dry and moist co-products:

  • Milurex, for dry compound feed
  • Corami or creamed peas, for liquid feeding on farm


Feed quality is a key element of piglet rearing and lays the foundation for future growth and performance of the animal. The physiological requirements around the weaning period are very specific, demanding highly palatable rations that encourage feed intake and therefore optimizing performance.

Roquette supplies highly nutritional ingredients as a dietary response developed to these particular needs:

  • Plant Proteins that are genuinely purified and highly digestible
  • Starch and sugars, energy sources and appetite stimulants
  • Sorbitol, a polyol, for its role in protecting the liver
  • Soluble fibre, which aids digestion and helps to prevent scouring

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