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Maximizing your profit from phytase in Europe

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Maximizing your profit from phytase in Europe

For over 20 years, the industry standard phytase dose has been 500 FTU/kg. Today, inorganic phosphorus costs more, phytase costs less and some phytases are more effective than others, yet the standard hasn’t changed.

To achieve optimum phosphorus uptake, reduce the anti-nutrient effects of phytate and increase the availability of costly energy and amino acids today, you need to select:

  • A phytase enzyme that is highly active at the low pH conditions prevailing in the animal’s upper digestive tract
  • The most appropriate dose for that phytase, supported by well–researched matrix values that vary according to animal species, diet variation and the age of the animal

Our highly bioefficacious bacterial phytase products – Phyzyme®​ XP1​ and Axtra®​ PHY1​ – are supported by evidence-based matrix values that support flexible dosing and optimize profitability. Learn more today by downloading the brochure here.

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