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Phytate is costing the global feed industry

The costs associated with the anti-nutritional influence of phytate on nutrient utilisation and feed efficiency may be as much as €1.5 billion/year in lost performance.

Phytases currently unlock considerable value for the global feed industry, but much of the value beyond phosphorus (P) is not captured.  Phytate is estimated to continue to cost the industry up to €5 per tonne of feed in lost performance.

Quantum® ​Blue, supplied by AB Vista, is an enhanced E.coli​ phytase which has been specifically optimised to degrade the phytate found in plant-based feed ingredients for monogastric diets.  Removing the bulk of phytate from the diet could bring additional performance benefits and cost savings. Quantum®​ Blue is optimised for phytate destruction. It delivers high and consistent activity at gastric pH, and reduces phytate even at low levels.

Quantum®​ Blue breaks down phytate faster and gets to the site of action intact. This revolutionary product survives the rigors of feed processing. Trials conducted in commercial feed mills show excellent recovery of Quantum®​ Blue, as the product is intrinsically thermostable; it is not coated, which ensures that the enzyme is able to get to work quickly.

Quantum®​ Blue has been proven to improve poultry feed conversion efficiency, reducing body-weight corrected feed conversion by 3 – 4 points. This equates to cost savings up to €5 per tonne of feed.

Optimised for maximum phytate destruction, Quantum®​ Blue unlocks more value for your business than any other phytase:

  • More complete phytate destruction
  • Greater phosphorus release
  • Unrivalled intrinsic thermostability
  • Proven additional feed efficiency value

For more information on how phytate is compromising your feed visit​ and follow us on twitter @phytateinfo.

AB Vista is an international supplier of world leading feed ingredients and technical services.  AB Vista’s internationally renowned technical experts use technology and extensive trial data to offer products that deliver optimal performance.  For more information, contact AB Vista on +44(0)1672 517650 or visit

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